Shanti Elixir as the Name Suggests “Peace and Serenity” Your Way

Have you ever thought of purchasing a house, an asset that you can’t compromise with? I am sure the answer is “yes”. I want an interesting piece of information to share with you that might help you zero down on something surreal but within your pocket. I am talking about Shanti Elixir Pune. It is a classy residential complex with many things to give under one roof. Many people google where to buy a house? Which locality is perfect for a house? This is because people are confused about the location and complex in terms of safety. But don’t worry as this has been taken care of by the builders of Shanti Elixir Mundhwa Pune. Nature mixed with modern architecture is what you will witness here. It can never let you down. There are many advantages of buying a home in Shanti Elixir Mundhwa. I am trying to jot down a few facts about the complex that will surely interest you to go and at least have a look around.

First of all Shanti Elixir Mundhwa Pune is built amidst nature which will always give you the feeling of living on a hilltop. Nature is what people desire for in busy and polluted city, therefore what better than this?

Secondly, this residency built across 2 acres of land is a treat to the tired eyes. It has two buildings with 128 homes to offer. This is another reason why best has been incorporated in each flat because less is more is what is in now. You can either opt for the 2 BHK which is suitable for bachelors or small family or if you have a big family, then the 3 BHK option should be the best for you. The flats differ between 885 square feet to 1253 square feet of size.

Next reason for you to buy is the luxury it offers. Modern amenities of high class are the USP of Shanti Elixir Mundhwa Pune. Meticulous attitude has been adopted to find the right match for each corner, be it the interior or the exterior. The right mixture of comfort, style, luxury and nature is next to impossible to be found elsewhere.

Apart from all the above mentioned reasons to help you in making you decision, the most important is the accessibility. Shanti Elixir Pune is close to most of the localities that are frequently visited like Magarpatta city, Star Hotels and Kharati IT Park and many more. Personally speaking, I would never want to travel for hours and hours to any place and get back home exhausted. I think you would agree with that. I am pretty sure that this blog makes it easier for you to finally zero down on your decision. This project is not a building but a home for every potential buyer. So what is keeping you wait? Contact the builder today. Good luck.

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