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I love Bernie Sanders, always have. I love everything he says about changing the government to be more representative and responsive to the people. I really want the revolution he is talking about. I loved Barak Obama when he said he believed he could bridge the gap between right and left and bring civility back to Washington. I love them, but I am a practical person, and I truly don’t see any more chance for Bernie’s ideas becoming reality than I did for Obama’s bringing Republicans to work with him to change the atmosphere in Washington. They are great ideas, but I don’t see a realistic plan on how to get there. There was a cost to the country when Obama brought his consensus ideas to Washington. It took years of government gridlock and government shutdowns to prove to him that he could not change Republicans when their political survival lay in thwarting him at every juncture. I believe in 2008 that we would have been better off with Hilary Clinton, a person tempered by years of testing in the fires of big money lies and negative media campaigns against her and who knew from the outset that it would be futile to try to change the current Republicans. I still believe the country would be better off today if she had been president for the last 8 years, as much as I have great respect for the willingness to learn and tenacity that Preside Obama brought to the office.

Hilary Clinton has every skill and attribute needed to run the American government. She has a better grasp of the domestic issues, bureaucracy, knows all the players and issues in foreign policy and probably things I can’t even think of. I can’t see her letting Wall’s Street roll over her like Obama did right after he was elected, and I think she has a much better chance to keep us out of trouble internationally than Bernie Sanders would, since he shows very little interest or experience in foreign policy. What she doesn’t seem to have is the skill to inspire the electorate to trust her and follow her lead, even though I believe she can be trusted more than most candidates we have had in my lifetime. I believe Hilary is a good and civic minded person, but she is not warm and fuzzy, like Mitt Romney wasn’t. Can she win and govern effectively anyway? I don’t know, but I think all of us should sit down and think of what we can do to help her win, or even help Bernie win, because if Republicans take over both houses of Congress and the Presidency, God help America and all of us in it. Clay Johnson says that he wants presidential candidates to expect more from us, I say don’t wait for them, do something to help NOW.

I’m doing my part by trying in my industry, property management, to set up a program for property managers to sign up tenants to vote when they lease or renew a lease for an apartment. As far as I know this has never been done systematically anywhere. My business is in Texas. There are at least 10 million potential voters in Texas living in apartments. Most are low income and most would probably vote Democratic, and most do not vote. If I can convince enough Apartment Associations to set up this program, we could change Texas to at least purple by the next election cycle. No one told me to do this, no party or candidate was involved. So I guess my message to all of you out there is look at your own situation. How can you help to make America more of a democracy, get more of us involved and get more people people elected who will write laws in our public interest? In the meantime, I still think Hilary Clinton is our best bet in this election cycle, even if she isn’t good at vulnerable and doesn’t espouse any platform other than competency. We need competency in Washington.

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