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Godrej Emerald: Coming soon as a core of Grand Residential Spaces and Attributes

Godrej Emerald is the forthcoming residential development planned to develop by Godrej Properties in Thane of Mumbai. The master plan offers you all the comforts of luxury homes with uninterrupted views of Yeoor hills, Ulhas rivulet, and forests finely laid over the scenic location of Ghodbunder Road Thane. Residents for sure are going to enjoy fine living in the lavish development on Ghodbunder stretch with excellent commercial, retail and social infrastructure.

Thane is attributed of numerous advantages in the real time. This vibrant suburb of Mumbai is a composite of the key number of enormous infrastructural development and innumerable real estate undertakings. The project location has a number of recreational hot spots and world class educational institutes in the vicinity that make it an upmarket commercial and residential destination. Also, it eminently connects to all parts of Mumbai and beyond via Eastern and Western Expressways. Connectivity to the major parts of the city via express road transits seems advantageous for this residential development. Ghodbunder road, Kolshet road, Mumbai- Agra highway, Eastern Expressway, NH-3 and number of additional rapid transits to migrate.

Key Features Of Godrej Emerald

6.5 acres of residential development Sprawling 5 acres of open and green spaces Spectacular views of the Yeoor hills and central greens from each residence No. of tower — 6 No. of Apartments — 1400 Towers S+ 28 1.5 Acres Open 2.5 Acres Club House 6 Apartments per floor 14 Acres of Mixed Use Development Project

Proposed Monorail in the Thane — Bhiwandi — Kalyan corridor

Jupiter Lifeline, Bethany Hospital

Bhayandar Railway Station — 36 mins Borivali Railway Station — 33 mins Western Express Highway connectivity (just 15 mins away) Thane Railway Station — 24 mins Schools, Malls, Hospital, Hotels all in nearby Vicinity Filled with Greenery, Purest Air, Best Views — National Park & Ulhas River



Ratings Of Godrej Emerald

Over All Rating

Lifestyle 5 Star

Safety 5 Star

Connectivity 5 Star

Medical Facilities 5 Star

Construction Quality 5 Star

Amenities Of Godrej Emerald

Club House

Sports Facility

Kids Play Area

Open Space

24 Hour Water Supply

Car Parking

Site Plan Of Godrej Emerald


Floor Plan Of Godrej Emerald


Price Of Godrej Emerald


1.5 BHK Apartment 500 (Carpet Area) SQ.FT On Request /- SQ.FT On Request*

2 BHK Apartment 650 (Carpet Area) SQ.FT On Request /- SQ.FT On Request*

2 BHK Apartment 750 (Carpet Area) SQ.FT On Request /- SQ.FT On Request*

3 BHK Apartment 850 (Carpet Area) SQ.FT On Request /- SQ.FT On Request*

3 BHK Apartment 950 (Carpet Area) SQ.FT On Request /- SQ.FT On Request*

Payment Plan Of Godrej Emerald Coming Soon

Neighbourhood Of Godrej Emerald

Restaurants Schools



Shopping Malls



University More


Shakuntala Bar & Restaurant


Sanjog Restaurant and Bar Family

Deluxe Restaurant

The Bar Stock Exchange, Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai

Hotel Bombay Skyway

Masala Library

Pondichery Cafe

Trident, Bandra Kurla

Yauatcha Mumbai


Celini — Grand Hyatt

Hakkasan Mumbai

Olive Bar & Kitchen

JW Marriott Mumbai Juhu

Govinda’s Restaurant

Quattro Ristorante

The St. Regis Mumbai



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We recognize the significant role that you as Global Indians abroad play in Nation building, and your part in shaping the global perception of the people of India. Such genuine contributions command the respect and honor of the whole nation. We know first hand what an NRI is looking for in terms of service and quality. There are times when an NRI’s look for assistance for accurate information and help to make a decision and to finalize the for accurate property choice. We deem it our duty to give you “Peace of Mind” while you are in Foreign Land, by taking care of your entire task here in INDIA.

You can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that someone responsible is handling everything just the way you would.

We strive to take care of the special needs of NRIs and know the importance and value of their time. We ensure to get work done in least time and hassle free manner. Services provided by us do not require their presence in India. Our qualified and experienced professionals ensure to guide correctly with the accurate information and ensures to get work done the way expected. For added benefits we bring the project to you at your convenience and suitable time at your home or office.

We have been serving to specialized Real estate requirements for NRIs who are contemplating property investments in India. Our NRI Investment database servicing professionals with expertise in NRI realty services will help you transact the best deals for your real estate needs across India.

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Still have some doubts regarding in Investing in India?? Read some of the information handouts to clear your mind.

Checklist for NRI buyers before buying a home in India

A curtain raiser on the entire process of home buying in India- this note can be helpful to non-resident Indians to understand how the monetary aspects of home buying work.

There are plenty queries and ambiguity around a purchase, executing Power of attorney (POA), home loan and tax matters related to an investment in property in India for non-resident Indians (NRI).

A few basic questions and answers here to guide a homebuyer, starting from the inception of the idea to buy, till the property gets sold and money transferred back abroad. Hope it makes a good read.

Who are termed as NRI-s?

A person holding an Indian passport, who is currently located anywhere else in the world and stayed there continuously for more than 180 days is considered as an NRI (Non-resident Indian).

Who are PIO and OCI? Can they buy a property in India?

Other than an NRI-s who holds an Indian passport, any Person of Indian origin(PIO) who is currently holding a passport of a different country, but was himself an Indian citizen earlier or whose ancestors have been Indians upto the fourth generation(great grandparents), is considered a PIO.

The current country of residence can be any except Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, Iran, Nepal, Pakistan & Sri Lanka. He will have a free passage to India without a visa. Overseas citizen of India (OCI) on the other hand has a lot of misconceptions around it. People think that it is a dual-citizenship card. Please understand that there is no such thing, as India does not allow any citizen of other country to hold an Indian citizenship. An OCI has no voting rights in India and he cannot have a government job or hold any legislative position in India. Simply put, he is not an Indian citizen.

In fact, the Government of India has announced vide Gazette Notification No.26011/01/2014-F.I dated 09.01.2015, that all PIO cards issued till 09.01.2015 are deemed to be OCI card. The scheme has been withdrawn now. Henceforth, applicants may apply for OCI card only, as PIO card scheme is no longer in existence. Transfer of PIO Card to OCI card is optional. One can apply for OCI card in lieu of valid PIO card free of any charges. All NRI, PIO and OCI can buy residential or commercial properties in India.

What type of property can an NRI not buy in India?

They cannot buy an agricultural or farmland or plantation property. However, they can inherit them. What documents are required from them to make a property purchase in India? Does it require RBI permission? No permission from RBI is required. They should hold valid passport with PIO/OCI card (wherever applicable), address proof, PAN (permanent account number in India) and photograph to buy a residential or commercial property in India.

How to fund the property purchase?

Overseas currency can be brought to India through legitimate banking channels to make such purchase, or if the NRI holds a non-resident external(NRE) or non-resident ordinary(NRO) rupee account in India, which holds the fund, then by issuing a cheque from that account can do. If the NRI has any deposits in his foreign currency non-resident(FCNR) account, that fund can also be used to make the purchase. Is a power of attorney required to purchase property in India? If the NRI does not want to travel to India for registering the property in his own name, then he can execute a power of attorney (POA) from abroad to a close relative residing in India to sign on his behalf, on the purchase contract and register the property in his absence. The POA has to be signed by the principal (who is giving the power) in presence of the consulate officer or notary abroad, and will have to be attested by them.

What is adjudication of POA?

The POA issued abroad will have to be sent to India and the POA-holder will have to sign and adjudicate it, within 3 months from the date of assigning the power, in India at the registrar’s office. Only after this the POA will be considered ‘given’.

How to repatriate the funds?

Repatriation of funds is the transfer of the sale proceeds of the property from India to abroad. It gets transferred from Indian rupee to a foreign currency. You can read about it here As per Indian Income Tax laws, just ownership of a property in India does not make you pay for any taxes, unless you have rental income coming from it. Upon selling the property, however, one is exposed to the short term or long term capital gains tax.

Short Term Capital Gain (STCG) tax is when the property is sold for a profit within 3 years of purchasing it. The profit then is taxable under the income tax slab in which the seller falls in. For example, if you bought a property worth Rs 60 lakh in 2012 and sold it in 2014 for Rs 80 lakh, then income tax on the profit of Rs 20 lakh will be levied on the tax slab you fall in India.

Long term capital gains(LTCG) tax is when you sell the property after 3 years of purchasing it. You get the benefit of indexation. Also the profit so arrived at after availing indexation is taxed at 20.6%. However, if you reinvest the profit, in Section 54EC bonds issued by REC or NHAI (within 6 months of the sale) or buy another property with it within next specific number of years, then the tax gets waived off.

Is income from rental income taxable in India as well as abroad?

If there is a rental income in India, then tax papers need to be filed in India mentioning the PAN and tax to be paid. Also to note, that though holding one property in India is considered as ‘self-owned’, a second property, even if it is not on rent, is considered ‘deemed rented’ and tax needs to be paid for that. You can, however, show 30% of the deemed rental as ‘maintenance cost’. There is no tax to be paid abroad (say, USA) on ‘deemed’ income, but declaring it is important as during repatriation of funds from India, it should not cause any issue.

Is home loan available in India for NRI, PIO & OCI?

Home loan is easily available for all three categories in India. Some multinational banks have special schemes and easy paperwork too. They do not seek a POA for extending home loan to NRI-s. However, there are plenty country restrictions with different lenders. So, getting an advisor on your side will be an intelligent move.

What are the tax benefits in India on home loan?

According to section 24 of the Income Tax Act, the interest on a home loan is deductible from the income gained from house property to the extent of Rs 2 lakh per annum for self occupied property. For other than self occupied property, you can claim actual interest paid. Moreover, up to Rs 1.5 lakh of the principal repayment can be deducted under section 80C (subject to an overall limit of Rs 1.5 lakh of that section including other investment options which allow grant under the same section).

Can a POA sell/rent an NRI-s property in India?

There are specific POA given to the person here in India, which if authorised to do such transactions on behalf of the owner, it can be done. Proper stamp charges to be paid at the registrar’s office during execution of such POA, so that after many years also it can be traced in the record during such transactions. Happy investing in properties in India !

NRI Guide: Repatriation of funds post realty sale in India

Selling a property in India and taking money out of India is a grey area for many non resident Indians. Here is how you can do it in a compliant manner.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. “Benjamin Franklin

Being in control of your money is a great stress reliever. For Non-resident Indians who invest in India in properties, with expectation of getting a good return, should understand the pro-s and cons of repatriating the money back to their country without any hassles. The planning should be done from the day of deciding to make the purchase and not during the sale of the asset. Following are a few important aspects an NRI buyer should know.

Repatriation of the Principal Amount invested while purchasing the property :

Funds brought into India through banking channels : Funds held in any overseas account and brought in India via bank transfer to make payment for the purchase is one aspect of ‘principal amount’. Another could be through funds already parked in his NRE (Non-resident external) account, which, via drawing to a cheque can be paid to the seller and will be considered in the principal amount. This principal invested can be repatriated back to his foreign country in the foreign currency without any restrictions and permission from RBI. This also does not have any upper cap on the amount. However, this is applicable for a maximum number of 2 residential properties plus an unlimited number of commercial properties in the lifetime of the NRI buyer. Restriction: From the 3rd property onwards, even this principal portion has to be deposited in an NRO(Non Resident Ordinary) account of the NRI, from which a maximum of USD 1 Million (approx Rs.6 crores) can be repatriated per financial year to the overseas bank account.

Property is purchased entirely with funds lying in NRO account in India: the complete sale proceeds(both principal and profits) must first be deposited in an NRO account and then a maximum amount of USD 1 Mn can be repatriated out of that sum, per financial year.

It’s a combination of 1 and 2, i.e., some funds lying in NRO account and fresh foreign currency remitted from abroad or from balances existing in NRE/FCNR accounts: then the respective rules explained above apply in proportion of funds invested. It means, the principal invested out of the NRO account can be repatriated only to the extent of USD 1 Mn per annum and the principal invested from external sources or NRE/FCNR funds can be repatriated completely without any limit at one go initially(but subject to same restriction on number of residential properties as explained earlier).

A qualified chartered accountant needs to certify the amounts initially invested in the property during purchase, which can be substantiated with the bank statement reflecting those transactions. The Short and Long term capital gains tax matter also need to be understood from your chartered accountant and then only an NRI investor can decide a crucial thing- when to sell the property and save maximum. Indian Income taxes applicable are also to be noted. Taxation in the foreign country on the amount invested in India also requires special notation. If the property is rented out in India or in some cases lying vacant, the applicable tax laws are different in India too Hope this clears some doubts about the repatriation of funds post property-sales. “It is the absence of facts that frightens people: the gap you open, into which they pour their fears, fantasies, desires.” — Hilary Mantel, (Author of prize-winning book Wolf Hall)

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Thane, located to the Mumbai NCR, is a leading financial and industrial center of mumbai. Mumbai Real estate Market has seen an upward graph owing to its well planned infrastructure and being the hub of more than 250 fortune 500 companies. Seeing the trend, leads to attracts thousands of young professionals every year. This leads to increase in the demand for living units. Mumbai has become one of the best locations to find a variety of dwelling units ranging from luxury villas, plush condominiums to well furnished service apartments.

One of such promising new project GODREJ EMERALD, in Thane, Mumbai. The project is offering luxury service apartments with 2656 sq.ft starting at Rs. 15.72 cr, offering 11% assured return. To GODREJ EMERALD, call the most trusted real estate consultant in Mumbai, HEINDIA. Our services and prices are unmatched by any other. We specialize in creating the best investment portfolio for our clients.




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