How to delegate NEAR to Prophet

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This guide covers two things: how to create a NEAR account if you don’t have one, and how to stake NEAR with the Prophet.

How to create a NEAR account

Open the NEAR Wallet website, then press the Create Account button.

Press the Get Started button.

If you do not have a Ledger hardware wallet, choose the Secure Passphrase option and press the Secure My Account button.

Your passphrase is the only way to access your NEAR account. Copy it to a password storage app, a text document, a notebook or other safe place, then make a reserve copy of it. These words must be in the exact same order, as shown on NEAR Wallet, otherwise, you will lose access to the wallet.

Press the Continue button once you have written down the passphrase and made a reserve copy.

Confirm that you have saved your passphrase by typing the required word. Press the Verify & Complete button.

Now you have a NEAR account. Deposit some NEAR and start staking!

How to stake NEAR with Prophet

Click Staking on top to open the staking page, then click the blue Stake My Token button.

Type prophet into the Validator account ID field, and then press the Select button on the right of the prophet.poolv1.near.

Press Stake With Validator button.

Type in the amount of NEAR you want to stake and press the Submit Stake button.

Confirm your action by pressing the Confirm button.

Congratulations, you have staked your NEAR to Prophet!

Now you can check your rewards and manage the stake on the Staking page.

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You can also check out our stats at Nearscope block explorer.




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