Haha, reading the comments, it’s obvious I’ll be the outlier.

I have to say, it really depends! If you work in the arts, like me and so many people I know, your income tops out around 50,000 in the years before you hit 30. Imagine spending 12,000 a year on booze? Can’t be done — I know some partyin’ artists and they cannot spend a quarter of their income on going out. Pick different bars, pick different drinks, pick a happy hour, pick a different neighborhood. On the other hand, some of my friends do live this life and they will never, never get out of debt. It boggles the mind that they would pick a lifestyle over financial freedom. Sidebar: I work in upstate NY during the summers and frequent a taco Tuesday at a dive bar. I did the 12 taco challenge one night, bought myself two bourbon and cokes, and bought a round of tequila shots. 20% tip included, I spent 40 bucks. I love upstate NY!

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