I understand.
Memphis Blues

Mint actually has a full budgets feature. So does Personal Capital. I have several budget lines and it sort transactions for you. I have to make some corrections here and there because it marks the fancy grocer near me as “legal service” but that’s OK. There is a little dotted line on the budget bars denoting where we are this month, and that lets me know how much more spending in each category I have. Some are set amounts each month, like internet, student loans, home services, but some have flex like groceries and gas. (I always have stuff on credit cards due to work reimbursements.) Each month there is a little bar there on the right bringing it vs. going out. You can see December had some serious outgoing due to car troubles and also a load of medical services. You can also set saving goals, etc. I just can’t see paying for this service:

So I am a very lazy person on top of being hopelessly cheap.

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