Eat The Store Food
Megan Reynolds

No! This article comes on a special day for me. I bought lunch today. I work in academia and today is the first day since September I bought lunch! (I did plan one work lunch in which I had a meeting and I treated a coworker, but if it’s planned lunch, it doesn’t count.) I keep stacks of emergency food in the freezer and so I’m never more than 4 minutes away from lunch. I just make up extra lunches, (salads and soups and rice and beans and all kindsa nonsense) as I cook during the week and bring them to work. On really productive weekends, I have a huge stack of lunches come Monday! I also bring breakfasts, cause no one tells me how to live. If anything freezable makes it to 4 days in there, I freeze it. If salads and whatnots make it past then, just kidding, they don’t. I make myself eat the damn salads.

My home is the same. Frozen single person meals as far as they eye can see.

Interestingly enough, it was not a necessary lunch I bought today. Sometimes I eat 2 lunches, and today I got some treat to-self sushi! I had chicken and waffles earlier. (This is common in my office — we are hobbits and we frequently double down on breakfasts, lunches and desserts. I am now on a special diet after gaining a wee bit of weight. I only eat one dinner now.)

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