This was a very funny post and I enjoyed it.
Shelley Higgins

Oh boy! It never works like this. I have celiac disease, so eating out with my is not only a gamble, but a royal pain. For a first date, I always, always suggest a drink because it’s cheap, quick and low gluten risk. Men never go for it. Instead of thanking their lucky stars that an attractive young woman (with a job! and a car and an apartment! I am not a fixer upper!) had the cojones to ask them out, they always say, “Actually, there’s a new blah blah place I want to try, let’s have dinner!” It never fails — one guy actually countered me with all you can eat sushi. That’s beyond dinner . It’s a marathon of eating. I don’t know if I am unmanning them by making the first move or I look like a lush for suggesting a drink? My current guy suggested a place with nothing for me to eat on the menu, and when I pointed that out, he basically said, “Right you are, let’s have a drink!”