Robin’s-Egg Blue
Lisa Rowan

The Tiffany thing — let it lie in your past. A man bought you a Tiffany thing. He can have that. Buy you something else. A pair of glorious Frye boots, a handmade, fabulous leather purse, find a jeweler you admire and get that piece of one of a kind shine. I have my eye on something — it is a sterling silver branch ring with droplets of silver and pink tourmaline on it. I am on an aggressive student loan payback right now, but soon, in two years when I am done, I will get my droplet ring.

The only things I have ever kept from past lovers is my glorious, titanium leather man multi-tool (that guy and I are still friends) and a flip book, bound in turquoise leather of my beloved golden retriever playing fetch (I love Snoodles like I love air and she looks wonderful playing fetch, I shall not dispose of my Snoodle book, so there!). It just always seems to have to go. My mom has this thing where you get rid of all the things from exes and you can donate them or sell them. What you buy afterwards cannot be material, cannot stay with you. It can be an outrageous meal, a massage, a movie or theater tickets . . .

Don’t let the past be weight.

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