As annoying as it to cover for people out on paid maternity leave, I “get it” for the first two…

This is shenanigans and nonsense. This is a study of rich, privileged people being rich and privileged. It’s annoying to cover for other people having kids? Are you serious????

I have celiac disease. Like most other celiacs, I was extrememely, violently ill by the time I got diagnosed. It took me 18 months to get better. I didn’t create another human, I didn’t have to be in charge of another human, bread was just my kryponite. I can’t imagine going back to work after 2 months after having a kid.

And as an aunt with literally the world’s most annoying nice and nephew: nope nope nope. Would much prefer them to be 8 years old. Babysitting back in the day was a horror show. Now it’s like chilling with two enormously loud drunks who really, really love candy.

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