Brandless Wants to Sell Unbranded Groceries for $3
Nicole Dieker

This won’t fly with a very specific group of people — those with allergies. I buy only specific brands because they are gluten free. As a celiac, I literally cannot compromise on Heinz or French’s. I want brands! Some of them (Kraft, Hershey) have really great ingredient cross contamination prevention and labeling practices and I need that. Bush’s beans are all gluten free whereas Goya are not. I used to love Trader Joe’s but now I find I can only buy certain things there, which is a right pain. I am finding Price Chopper’s house brand has all kinds of GF stuff, which is a delight!!

Also, how does this apply to produce? I personally never feel like I need $3 worth of ginger . . . like a buck fifty at most.

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