Edit: Whoops, I did misread Megan’s article.
Herb Greengarden

Well, the thing about these articles is the lede is “How I Bought My Home” instead of “How My Parents Bought My Home.” The second version isn’t a very scintillating read.

I have lots of friends who have parents buying their home and do talk about it. It’s weird that the people writing these articles are pretending this was a thing they did as opposed to a thing someone else did. It’s also weird to run in a circle where my parents AREN’T buying my home. I’m a solidly middleclass independent lady, but I sure as hell ain’t buying a home. It’s strange to me that I’m “poor.” There are consequences to my financial choices and theirs, but the scaling is different. These articles present the scales as the same and that’s why they itch so bad.

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