I think we’re too quick to dismiss the spirit behind this sort of advice.
Joanna Trieger

What kinda grates me here is the fact that I do all of this already. I’m cheap cheap cheap. But at 50K a year, I still live indoors, eat food and pay back my loans. One can literally only save so much. I manage to do 15 percent to savings, 14 to loans, and 6 to my retirement and like everyone else on earth I pay taxes, too. There gets to be very little left to cut out. It will still take me a long, long time to get a home and I buy coffee outside of my house almost never.

I live extremely well, (I saved enough for a road trip, a beach trip and international travel last year, and this is separate from dream house fund! I meant I was CHEAP) but the avocado toast becomes an exhausting refrain, and compared to people who ARE eating toast and drinking coffee, I still don’t have a house.

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