Your ignorance of history is highly entertaining.
Matthew Malowany Forbes

Everything I said is 100% accurate. The Philippines was actually quite the success story in nation building. It would have been irresponsible to hand the governance of millions of people to one militia in Cavite, which is what you reference, (how’s that working out today in the ME?). They had zero experience in governance, no judiciary, no schools, no administration of anything, having just survived 300 years of BRUTAL European occupation. Washington wrote a plan for independence within 2 years of acquiring PH and it was actually implemented with minimal resistance from the natives.

The dead Islamists in Duterte’s picture were fighting an insurgency against the Spanish, continued against the Americans and are STILL fighting that same insurgency against Filipinos. The resistance from the militia in Cavite Cavite was very short lived and in fact, by the 1930’s, Filipinos were mostly self-governing.

These are inconvenient facts for the history revisionist.

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