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Dan, your list is a complete joke. Private prison management and charter schools will “destroy America”? Because the government has done such a brilliant job managing the regular public prisons and schools. Private management is a mixed bag, but to taxpayers, students and prisoners it really doesn’t matter whether the government or contracted agents or the government are running the show as long as the results are positive.

There’s no hypocrisy about supporting an end to the war on drugs and supporting saving money on prison management. They’re actually hand-in-hand. Save taxpayer money both ways.

Crony capitalism is completely contrary to libertarianism. The TPP has some free trade aspects and maybe on the net that makes it worth supporting. But if you’ve ever supported a legislation before they throw heinous crap in just about every agreement and bill. Nature of the game. Give a president a line-item veto and alot of that stuff goes away.

Taking away federal loans means “loans don’t exist”? Come on.

Finally, Obamacare fines people for not buying health insurance. You think that really helps people who can’t afford it to begin with? How progressive of you. There’s a reason most of the target audience haven’t signed up.

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