11 Successful Celebrities Who Believe in the Law of Attraction

From all-time great rappers to former governors to network owners, the Law of Attraction has had its fair share of affirmation from celebrities. Check out eleven big-time names talk about the Law of Attraction and what it has meant to them in their careers:

Jim Carrey

I would visualize having directors interested in me and people that I respected saying, “I like your work.” I would visualize things coming to me that I wanted and I had nothing at that time but it just made me feel better. At that time, all it really was for me was making me feel better. I would drive home and think, “Well, I do have these things. They’re out there, I just don’t have a hold of them yet but they’re out there.”

I wrote myself a check for $10 million for acting services rendered and I gave myself 3 years. I dated it Thanksgiving 1995 and I put it in my wallet and it deteriorated and deteriorated. Then, just before Thanksgiving 1995, I found out that I was going to make $10 million on Dumb and Dumber.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

When I was very young I visualized myself being and having what it was I wanted. Mentally I never had any doubts about it. The mind is really so incredible. Before I won my first Mr. Universe title, I walked around the tournament like I owned it. The title was already mine. I had won it so many times in my mind that there was no doubt I would win it. Then when I moved on to the movies, the same thing. I visualized myself being a famous actor and earning big money. I could feel and taste success. I just knew it would all happen.


I believe you can speak things into existence.


At the same time, it (The Law of Attraction) could be what you don’t want as well. Why am I always broke? Why don’t I get girls? You’re going to attract that. You’re imagining yourself being broke, you’re imagining yourself not attracting girls and that’s going to be your result. If that law is true, then you might as well just think about what you want. In a nutshell, that’s what we did.

Conor McGregor

If you can see it here (in your head), and you have enough courage to speak it, it will happen. I see these shots, I see these sequences and I don’t shy away from them. A lot of times people believe in certain things but they keep to themselves. They don’t put it out there. If you truly believe in it and become vocal with it, you are creating that law of attraction and it will become reality.

Oprah Winfrey

Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe.

Lady Gaga

It happened around 5 years ago but it’s sort of like a mantra. You repeat it to yourself every day. “Music is my life. Music is my life. The fame is inside of me. I’m going to make a number one record and the number one hit.” And it’s not yet, it’s a lie. You’re saying a lie over and over and over again but then one day, the lie is true.

Steve Harvey

Like attracts like. You have to understand: you are a magnet. Whatever you are, that’s what you draw to you. If you’re negative, you’re going to draw negativity. You positive? You draw positive. You’re a kind person? Most people are kind to you…If you see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand. This is so true.

Will Smith

I believe that I can create whatever I want to create. If I can put my head on it right, study it, learn the patterns, and — it’s hard to put into words, it’s real metaphysical, esoteric nonsense, but I feel very strongly that we are who we choose to be.

Kerri Walsh & Misty May-Treanor

To be able to take in the sights, the sounds, the stress, the excitement — that’s going to serve us really well moving forward.

Denzel Washington

I mean positively and negatively, I mean you attract, I mean not just what you fear. You attract what you feel, what you are.

We believe in the Law of Attraction, do you? Comment which celebrity you were most surprised to see on this list.




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