The Same Nights With And Without YOU!

The blackness of the night engulfed the last, faint ray of twilight. It felt that someone had spread a big black curtain over the head. The stars came out as small neon dots in the ocean of darkness. Darkness-This darkness of the night lights up a blazing fire in me. It takes me to another world-the world which has no connections to my reality, the world of which I have dreamt, the world where I wished to be and most importantly it’s the world where SHE exists!

Why can’t life be just ceased at the dreams? Why does this painful reality poke in every time I think of her? Why does this continuously reminds me that I have lost her once again? And why did she go away leaving all the memories of those nights with me? I did not know the answer to any of these questions. But all I knew was that the mark she has left cannot be erased ever.

She came into my life just as a wave leaves a small shell on the shore and the next wave washes it away. But the shell left its mark on the wet sand and the ocean dried keeping the impression forever!

When this darkness of the night engulfs the world, I escape from it. Under my covers, I create my own world. In that pitch black darkness I see light- lights of my never ending hopes, hopes of my prayers being answered someday and the silent prayers of her every time.

I don’t know why I lie to myself every night. I comfort myself that may be one day things will change. The faint light of the new dawn will be stronger than the burning sun. And that will be the morning to my endless nights. The morning that will bring her back to me. The golden light touching her face, the brightness of the light that half-closed her eyes so that it can never see the distance once created between us. Her lips stretched in a sweet smile whose happiness I feel even without seeing. The air makes way as she moves towards me. I stand there with my heart racing with excitement. She comes close and holds my hands. I can feel her blood flowing under the skin. And this feeling calms my heart forever. My eyes don’t need to see anything else. My ear drums vibrated for the last time. My skin has felt all that it needed. My mind collapses as it does not need to think any further. I have achieved what I wanted. Peace takes its power over me………

I can hear the birds chirping outside. I pull myself out of the covers. The light has made its way into the room. I looked outside the window and smiled. I have lived through it one more night- with and without her at the same time!

Dedicated To

“For Whom I Write..”