Debug — Restore equilibrium Using Natural Remedies

A sustainable ecosystem demands a balanced presence of living organisms. An excess, eating into the fabric can cause irreversible damage. Thus, certain regulations and controls are imperative to draw the finish line. In fact the requisite is to design the control in a way that stabilizes the system without posing harmful impact.

Taking the aforementioned insights into consideration, the idea of natural pest control seems to be just right. Often infiltrating into our houses or swarming in the garden, pests can indeed make life difficult for us. In such scenario, we ought to use organic controls that is fine enough to restore balance rather than resorting to chemical solutions. The foremost reason being, often some pests like brachonids, chalcids, nematodes, bumblebee, ladybugs, lacewings, hover flies, etc., are effective pollinators, repellents for other pests, benefitting the ecosystem at large. Thus, a naturally controlled wipe out drill serves the concern, which might be way more harmful in case of branded- expensive synthetic products.

Natural Pest Control

· Cucumber peels works best as ant deterrents. the easiest remedy being spraying soapy water

· Grinding garlic with water can drive away mosquitoes and Colorado potato

· Spearmint, peppermint or pennyroyal grown around the house can prevent bugs Sand, lime or copper can be the best agents to repel snails.

· Powdered charcoal, cayenne pepper, cinnamon are responsibly act as natural pest control agents.

· Glue traps effectively work against cockroaches.

· Diatomaceous earth, boric acid can get rid of bugs as well.

· Pantry traps work best against meal moths and grain moths.

· Lemongrass containing the natural oil citronella can work miracles

· Boiled water poured on sliced citrus can work instantly against some bugs

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Apart from these effective natural remedies, there are few organic products in the shelves of your nearby stores that can be a perfect solution to drive away the bugs around you. Natural products like plant and flower extracts blended in proportions with least reactive chemical agents create the base of these insecticides. Earlier, very few companies manufactured these products for local distribution, unable to compete with the chemical giants and their established brand image.

Lately, the transformation in the perception of sustenance witnesses an inclination towards organic products, thus expanding a lucrative market for it. In fact, businesses involved in extending pest control services, too prefer using natural remedies as far as possible in order to avoid creeping side effects due to chemical agents.