Qualified Life Insurance Leads Have Better Conversion Rates

In addition to providing monetary benefits to the family of the insured, the insurance policy business provides good opportunity for life insurance agents to earn money. There are a large number of insurance agents in the market trying to sell insurance policies.

As an insurance agent, you will need good leads that can help you convert them to sales. Qualified life insurance leads have the best conversion rates and therefore, can provide a consistent source of income for you. There are many companies that source life insurance leads. Some of the best insurance lead providers are the third party company leads companies. They have large databases of qualified life insurance leads that are available for purchase. Another good method is to access real time insurance leads online. These leads are the most current and updated; and therefore hot leads that stand the best chance of conversion.

There are a few pointers that will help you convert qualified life insurance leads into actual sales. First, select the mode or type of your leads, for example real time insurance leads online, or those generated through phone, email, etc. Also, you need to choose between exclusive or shared leads. Shared leads are those that your competitors may also have access to.

Second, the quality of leads that you select have a huge impact on conversion rate. You can buy life insurance qualified leads over a 60–75-day period as most life insurance plans take this much time for approval, and hence the money to come in to your pocket. So, you must have enough funds to buy leads for this period.

Ask other agents who have worked with lead generation companies to provide references for the best insurance lead providers. Compare their offers, prices, and seek feedback from their customers. Once you are convinced, only then buy life insurance qualified leads from the selected company.

It is advisable that you buy fewer qualified life insurance leads to begin with. Once you have tested the quality of the leads and are happy with the provider, you can always increase the numbers.

However, only having leads in hand does make you any money. You have to convert these leads into sales for the money to come into the pocket. Remember, your competitor is also trying to woo the same customer and convert the lead into sale. Therefore, as soon as you get a lead, you must contact the prospective customer immediately.

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