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Sticky notes for days

While there are things you can’t control in life, but what you can control is keeping yourself in check for the best performance. It’s in human nature to strive for success rather than failure, but as much as people like to become successful in their life, there is no proven formula for obtaining success fast and easy. If there is one I’d say it’s:

1% Talent + 1% Luck + 98% Execution = Desired Outcomes

When it comes to execution, there are many ways to tackle how you do one task to another. Everyone learns differently and thus do things differently as a result. With that in mind, what’s more, important to understand or the key to achieving your goals and generating desirable results is setting yourself up for success day after days, week after weeks and month after months. What you decide to dedicate your time, mental energy and effort to at this moment impact the result you’ll gain tomorrow and over time. …


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