Generation Why? Generation How? Generation When?

Generation Questionmark.

Well, we are — the golden generation, we are brave and fearless, we are great — just ask our parents. We rule the world, we make no compromises. And we have so many questions inside our heads. We are a confused and disoriented generation. … But what do we ask?

First, there is the entrepreneur. Too smart for university or just too burning to stick to that traditional system. They say they are bored by anything traditional but honestly, they just want to be special. Generations before would have called them hedonists, cranks or rebels. Now they are entrepreneurs and rule the world. Their life goal is “never have to introduce myself anymore” and “becoming a unicorn”. So what do they do? They ask themselves every day how to invent anything, anyone could need and become super pushy. But: No one needs another food delivery or a new platform to post about his style of clothing. They found companies — but don’t have any money. They have awesome hobbies — but are too busy to do any of them. Because they spend their whole day inventing, meeting, thinking and reading some self improvement books how you could reduce your sleep to less than an hour per day…. They could just sleep instead of reading that book. But these guys are the source of a lot of pressure. They give you advises all the time how you could be more productive and criticize you at every opportunity, because criticism is so “important to create a open and creative culture”. Awesome, sometimes I don’t want to know what I am doing wrong. They hate when they see that you are doing nothing, are on Facebook or Instagram, and then just out of nothing suggest you a awesome biography of an awesome entrepreneur who changed the world. But they are just jealous and curious, because they have -of course- already installed a “procrastination blogger”, that doesn’t allow them to be on social media while their productive time. They are fast, talking about things everyone else has never heard of and they seem like they have endless energy. And they have to talk about themselves and their business all the time. It’s called ‘elevator pitch’, but actually it’s just repeating again what they have gained without any official degree and before they have turned 30. Of course, all of them are shaping the future. But their questioning is actually the worst. It is restlessness and insanity, questioning the whole day how to stay awake longer, being more productive and finding the perfect business fit and investment.

Second, there is the pride of the family. He or she doesn’t invent anything but studies at a highly approved university something like law or medicine. And he or she does at least one semester abroad, where his CV says “I’m so super outgoing and cosmopolitan” and his google photos say “I was drunk all day and didn’t study a second. But hey — now I have at least some great stories to tell about my awesome life.” This group grew up knowing — we will be the biggest star of our family. Mom always told them how smart they are and washed their laundry even at university — these kids have no time for anything except studying. Dad always put some extra pressure on them by officially introducing the whole future career at some family and friends events or at restaurants, that are too expensive for the family but are the expected future standard for their kids. These guys have a big question in their head: Maybe mom and dad are proud, but do I really want to do that my whole life? The worst, even if they study so hard and long, they will be unemployed after university because of that major lack of creativity and self thinking abilities. But hey, doesn’t matter, what is called unemployment for all the creative majors at university, that is called “a long needed and deserved break after all that horror studying.”. While all the entrepreneurs ask themselves what they can improve and change, this group asks more basic questions about the sense of life, the meaning of family disappointment and the plan B, if the issues of chronic boredom while reading paragraphs or the fact that blood makes them feel this disgusting sickness, is. This group started with no questions but a goal — making mom and dad proud and studying something “real” — and ended up being highly educated but depressed and bored.

Third, there are the freethinker. They are at least one out of the following four, either vegan, in a book discussion group, backpack blogger or active in a political student group. To sum it up — they question the system. Do we need democracy? What about the basic income for everyone? What about in vitro meat? What about what about? These guys can become super annoying while just having a normal conversation. They likely want to involve you either in the story of their own insight of becoming a world corrector or want to discuss. You better leave, this makes no sense. You can’t be right. Discussion with them means you can’t win. There is a why after every sentence you end. These guys started studying a language or geography and ended up, after three years of studying with no graduate, trying out philosophy or psychology. But they quit this as well, because “why should I believe in the system of university?”. Let’s become a autodidact. Or better just discuss. In a shared flat, with other like minded people, probably from a foreign country- cause they are so social and liberal and include everyone, even if they don’t want to. Or they go to Chile and find themselves on a corn farm, doing worthy work. This group will never ever stop questioning. That’s the danger. They are never fine with a answer or a statement. But aren’t they sometimes tired of pretending to be so different and open to anything except the system?

Let us don’t forget about the guys who have invented the new religion of the year 2000 - Christianity, Islam- they are all unified in the new Bodyism. Bench pressing, weight lifting, drinking green shakes in the morning (that are really gross but soooo healthy) and stopping to drink alcohol. Because their workout is everyday and they can’t allow themselves and their body such a rebound. And it’s better… they would probably either hurt all the others on the dance floor due to their big shoulders (the twisted backpack turning effect) or they would hurt themselves while crushing their glass of water, because their biceps can’t control the strength in their hands anymore. They ask themselves: how can I get more tanned, my arms more big and my back part more prominent. How can I reduce my calories per day, how can I increase the calorie burn per day. Where can I get a substitute for wheat and how can I teach myself that these corn free, fat free, oily and dry brownies taste so good, that I finally forget how awesome real brownies taste. Don’t hang out too much with them, otherwise you also want to know how many calories your dinner at a restaurant has, if you are too fat or if you really will die years earlier than pump-it-up-Karen.

And the last group is a big mass of mainstream. Doing something everybody does, working in a 9–5 job, being superficial fine with what they do. Studied something ok. They decided their major by checking which one they don’t have to explain, became teacher, studied chemistry or did something with business. They seem easy, are nice people to talk to, don’t ask too much and don’t talk about themselves too much. But deep inside they question themselves if maybe being too normal? Being boring? Doing nothing important? Not inventing anything? Just having a fine life with some nice friends and a couple of lovely hobbies like watching youtube videos and hanging out with frieds? Well, it can be awesome to spend the whole day doing nothing and ending up at 1 in the morning, watching a video about transgender horses — caught in the wrong body. But there is a huge pressure on these guys. They want to be as futuristic and floundering as the entrepreneurs, they want to be proud of what they do and want everyone else to be proud just as the well educaties and they want to be brave enough to stand up for what they think just like the freethinker and want to be as consequent as the fitness freaks. But instead, they sit in their office, reading articles about how they could be and make big plans. And then they come home, pet their normal pet cat, without any tragic rescue story, and watch Netflix about how awesome other people’s lives are. And question about … am I normal? What is normal? Is normal good?

These groups are the main part of the Generation Y. We might be glorious, cause everybody told us at least so, but we are basically all the same. We don’t know where to go, with whom, how and when. These groups can learn a lot from each other — be foolish and futuristic, take care of the others, be brave and strict when it’s about your goals and stay humble in the end. Each group has something great. And they love to be part of that awesome generation. Which group do you belong to?