The Banana Peel, Cartoons, The Nation and Those Religious Morons

Hello Younger Me,

I’m sorry that I couldn’t have access to the time travel machine that I saw in the TIME COP movie years ago (it’s okay that that’s probably in your future). If I could, I would have met you physically and shared with you what I have to say via this writing to you today.

Well, life for me has now become more interesting than it was. The ‘path’ I lived was filled with daunting choices that I had to make. My life’s journey was also filled with critical points in which I had to determine what I want for myself. But you know what, every challenge I faced made me a better person today.

So, here are my lessons to you.


There’s this story I heard of a man who was complaining of having only banana to eat for lunch. I don’t remember where I first heard it.

But I learnt that this man was so sad that he didn’t have another food worthy of calling ‘a good lunch’. He was so sad that he decided to take a walk. As he wore his jacket, he decided to take the banana. He would eat along the way.

As he walked along the side path, he saw a man on a public bench. He joined him. While he sat there, he ate his banana. As he ate, he kept on complaining on his banana lunch. The man beside him just kept quiet. When he finished, he stood up to go back home.

On his way back home, he noticed that he forgot his glasses on the bench. So he went back to pick it up.
On reaching there, he found the other man eating the peels of the banana he ate. He was shocked. In disbelief, he asked the man.

“Why are you eating that?”

The other man replied him. “You had banana for lunch. I had nothing for breakfast and lunch.”

The man fell into tears.

The morale of this story, I learnt is this: “no matter your condition or status in life, there is someone who is in a worse state than you. Be grateful for what you have and where you currently stand in life.”


Yes. It’s true. And you guessed it right.

Yours truly still watches cartoons.

From Tom & Jerry to Super Man to Sword of the Stranger to The Avengers etc, cartoons still makes sense. After all, kids don’t do majority of the creative work at cartoon studios. Adults do.

So keep in mind that one of the keys to a healthy, creative imagination as an adult is to protect your child-like heart from growing old.


There are many people who think age gives them the advantage to speak sense. But contrary to this opinion, I’ve found out that people speak according to the limits of their experiences and hearsays. The reality is that a number of folks will try to use their advanced age as a privilege to influence your choices.

They might be wrong.

Yes, truth be told; you won’t know it all.

You won’t have all the answers to your challenges. And I can also tell you that these people are not strangers from the moon either. They’re humans just like you and me. Be very selective of who you listen to. The reason is because a bad teacher can do you more harm than good.


One of the best things you can do for yourself is to be yourself. Don’t let peer pressure drive you to do things that you won’t personally love to do. Don’t get into a relationship because your peers have started dating.

There are attractive ignorant people out there. Many of them are still trying to discover who they are, what they like and what they don’t like. In the process, some of them hurt the people who come to love and admire them. It’s life. It’s human nature. People just make freaking mistakes. You’re not a mistake. So don’t let your relationship with anyone be a mistake. Take charge.
When you are yourself, you won’t attract many of these fake people into your life.


Examples of the wrong reasons that make people go into relationships are the following.

i) Loneliness
ii) Fear
iii) Inability to cope with loss
v) Revenge

Relationships are meant to add color and beauty to your life. The wrong ones can squeeze the abundant life out of you.

When it comes to romantic relationships, know that it could be rewarding if you’re with the right person. Still, keep in mind that the person you’re dating might not necessarily be the person you would marry. You have enough time to grow. You have enough time to change yourself for the better. You have the ability to attract awesome people into your life.

Just keep in mind that people grow up. And so it’s also possible for you to outgrow a relationship. When you do outgrow a relationship, stop trying to hold on. Nothing is set in stone. People make their choices. And many people resist positive changes. So (like I said before), remain positive and you would attract amazing people into your life.


It’s true. No nation is that perfect (although they might have perfect romantic locations and grand chefs).

While it's true that some countries offer more opportunities than others, don't forget that each country has its own issues. The concept of greener pastures is gradually fading. Entrepreneurs and other professionals are gradually learning to use the available resources in their environments to do what they want to do. They call this Adaptation. And to become more efficient in the day to day activities of their organizations, many small business owners use a management method known as Bootstrapping. You can learn about these concepts in your spare time.

Nevertheless, recognize the fact that people make up a country. When the leadership of the country is bad (or limited or ineffective), it is not because there are no good people there. It is not because there are no local experts who can’t do the job better. It's just that many good people do nothing.

The reality is that many good people don’t vote during elections. They take an assumed stand saying “whatever will happen will still happen.” They keep quiet. They watch people without solid economic plans, without bold security policies and without reformatory educational campaigns take over the microphone.

Do not fall for that sweet mouthed politician who just goes around sharing bags of rice, cash items and propaganda.

Think about this. When the politicians win their election, their take home pay plus other allowances will pay for their election campaign 'investments'.

I can tell you this because I’m in your future. I’ve witnessed this. When you become of legal age, you will have the right to vote during elections. Don’t take this privilege for granted.


Cos they are human beings like you.

As your future self, I can tell you. I believe that the ultimate giver of life is God.

Yes, I really do.

He is the source of our existence. He is the creator of the heaven, the earth and everything under the earth. He is the ruler of all the realms.

Your decision to love Him is your choice.

No one can take that from you because He created you to have a will.

He also gave you the ability to think objectively. He also gave you the ability to use your emotions rightly. It’s a proof that you have a soul. And your soul needs to be filled with light. It’s what separates you from the machines.

Moreover, He still speaks to people. He still guides people through the voice in their hearts.

He still gives people visions.

Irrespective of this, be warned. There are many fake people out there who have no business leading other people. Many of them don’t read. Many of them don’t study. Many of them are ignorant morons. Many of them do take up leadership positions for their personal interests and pretend to care but their actions always speak louder than words.

They ARE humans. They have the ability to betray you.

They ARE humans. They may want to take advantage of your loyalty to them.

Let the voice in your heart guide you. And use the wisdom and gifts you’ve been given to bless humanity. It’s one of the ways to keep your soul filled with light.


It is indeed a blessing to be alive to see the changes that generation X, Y and Z have created to make the world a better place. And there’s so much that I would love to tell you (of course, you’d have the internet to browse those other topics). But what I’ve just shared with you is enough to help you live an enriching and fulfilling life.

There’s really no guarantee of stability in the future. Economic, security and educational policies do change. And politicians do change their stand too.

Corruption is still a menace. Companies still lobby our leaders to introduce ‘interesting’ laws that help their organizations grow extra profitable. The price of crude oil still fluctuates. And same goes for the price of stocks.

What matters is that you seek out wisdom to live.

Wisdom will give you pleasure in all you do.

Accept yourself for who you are – with your flaws and awesomeness. Forgive yourself for your wrong decisions.

Print these lessons. Save them on your devices. Back them up on that cloud technology platform. Just keep them where you’d easily have access to them as you go along your life’s journey. And feel free to share them with ONLY those who are important to you.

Live your life. Be free. Enjoy the liberty you’ve been given. Enjoy life.

Cheers to your personal daily happiness.
Cheers to the fulfillment you will gain in your life’s work.
And cheers to you for choosing happy, healthy relationships.

It’s me,
Prosper (The Future You)

P.S.: This is my first post on medium.