Let These Negative People Go From Your Life

When you’re in a place where you want to improve your life, you need to surround yourself with people that are where you want to be or on the same journey. People that will challenge you to do better, be better, strive higher, and help to propel you to another level. That’s why these people mentioned below need to go. They will only bring you down and keep you where you are.

The But

It always seems like they have your best interest at heart, when they really just want you to remain where you are. They always have a but at the end of what they’re saying. You know, “That’s a great idea but,…” or “I’ll support you any way I can, but..” There is always a “but” with this one. Never can they just be positive because there is always a “but.”

The Issues

They’re always calling about their relationship problems, they got into an argument or something has gone awry in their life, constantly always talking about their problems and always saying they want your advice, then do the complete opposite. They always have issues and want to lay it all on you, but don’t ask them to listen to your problems. Oh no, they don’t have time for that, they just want you to have time for them.

The Glass Half Empty

Oh you know this one, they always have a negative side to anything positive. It can be such a beautiful sunny day, but it’s so hot for them. You tell them you got a promotion at work, then they ask about your salary and say it’s not enough. You tell them you’re happy and your life is going the way you want it to, then they ask you about the issues you’ve been having and bring up past incidents. Oh they never want you to be happy. It’s time to tell them, “Bye Felicia!”

The Leech

They always need something from you. This isn’t the help a brother or sister out because they’re going through something rough, but it’s an everyday occurrence. I need money for gas, I need a ride. Can you spot me a 20? Can I borrow that? Is it ok if you baby sit? Can I use your phone? Then their needs seem to graduate, Can I borrow $100? Can I borrow your car? Can I stay with you for awhile? Can you spot me when we go out to the club? And more and more and more. The needs grow from something small and insignificant to ever enlarging needs. Oh let’s not forget the best line of all, “I’ll pay you back”, or “It’s just until….” yea, don’t fall for that.

The Negative One

When you have an idea about a business, they’ll tell you, “the company is a scam” or “It’s a bad idea”. Let’s not forget the, “I don’t think you’re skilled enough to pull that off.” They always have a reason why you can’t accomplish your dreams. Unlike the “The but,” this one doesn’t have any hope for you to succeed in anything. None whatsoever.

The Instigator

Always instigating you into doing things you don’t want to, pressuring you to make choices that aren’t right for you but right for them. They always manipulate and lie to get their way and coerce you into things at their benefit. It’s always about them at the end of it all, when you’ve made the wrong choices and decisions, they’ve done their job.


Sometimes it’s their fear of losing you that will make them act this way. They’re happy to live a mediocre life and want you to stay in that place with them. They fear your success. They fear you leaving them behind and you will.

Some will always understand your drive and stay in contact, while others won’t even know how to deal with your change in mindset and your commitment to do better and excel to another level in your life. It’s the sad truth.

Some people like to wallow in misery and pain and despair. They only know that small patch of grass they were born into and cannot fathom a larger world out there. It makes me feel sorry for them, really. When you understand and get a taste of what is possible, you cannot stay planted where you are, you will have the drive to uproot yourself and grow. While others just want to remain in the status quo.

That’s fine for them but you want more and surrounding yourself with people that have that same drive is what you need. You have to if you want to get to the next level in your life. Go do it. Let these weighted people go and never look back. You can do it. I believe in you.



Originally published at www.prosperity808.com.

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