The heat!!
How well are you enjoying it?
Pretty good right? perhaps you feel like walking naked or should i say spending days at pools?
Ooops, our train is here let’s take a ride!!
Human activities nowadays tends to threaten our environment. Our factories, farming activities and road-driven cars are in turn creating problems for humanity. The present day world is faced with an increase in Earth’s temperature generally term HEAT.
This increase in heat today is becoming more like a scary story. It’s intensity is ever-increasing with no hope of stopping. The Earth’s temperature increases as a result of the depletion of our ozone layer, Artic regions (ice), and even our forest. When closely examined, these natural bodies serves as basic regulators of the sun rays reaching the Earth.
The sun, which is the center of our solar system is directly involved for the total light energy the Earth receives. This light energy reaches us as radiations in a process called insolation.
What matters most is the Effect of the atmosphere upon the incoming solar radiation. It is estimated that of the total radiation coming to us, 35 percent reaches the atmosphere and it’s reflected back to space by dust, clouds and air molecules. It plays practically no part in heating the Earth and it’s atmosphere. Another 14 percent is absorb by water vapour, carbon dioxide and other gases. It’s interception by air causes it to be diffused and scattered there by giving rise to the varying blue sky we see above us. The remaining 51 percent reaches the Earth and warms the surface. Sincerely writing, the sun is of great importance to the Earth but believe or not, everything is going the other way round. It’s becoming more like a dream come true. our Earth is losing its peacefulness. The factories are increasing, but our healths are decreasing .
Out of man’s quest for greatness, he became an enemy to his sorroundings. Our intelligence, the technology, because of the love for easy life, we ended up creating problems for ourselves.
Our peaceful sleeps this days are dependent on how efficient the fan rotates. Fears of waking up and seeing yourself turn to a burned piece of cake keeps griping our minds.
Our dreams this days are like watching horror movies. The uneasiness, the itchy nights, are now heard in the cries of our little babies. Who knows where this course of life is driving us to!! perhaps our chances of survival on Earth are slimmer. The repercussions are clear. One day, somehow driven by the rhythm of of this Heat we might end up losing mankind.
Stop planet pollution
Avoid bush burning, say No to deforestation.
Save the Artics, plant trees
Reduce chlorofluorocarbons, and let the green house effect hold its peace. Let our regulators do their job, don’t try to disturb them by depleting it.
But here’s the question!!
Will the Heat keep increasing?
What will humanity be like?
Will man survive this heat?
How well are we sure that we ain’t at risk?
Well check back later
Coz that’s a story for another.