Deep down the abyss of the otherworld.

What lies beyond this horizon?

After life is over, Where do we go to?

Oh sorry, did i say we?

I mean, where do you go to?

I'm probably still young for that question!!!

Beyond that endless abyss, what can we find there?

Our great stories!!
Who is behind this stories?
I mean the *save our planet* stories!!
Have you ever imagine were these stories came from? or you don’t care?
Well let’s take a ride.
Nothing is more fascinating than reading stories that gives you a picture of what your environment looks like, such…

The heat!!
How well are you enjoying it?
Pretty good right? perhaps you feel like walking naked or should i say spending days at pools?
Ooops, our train is here let’s take a ride!!
Human activities nowadays tends to threaten our environment. Our factories, farming activities and road-driven cars are…

The revolution!
Have you ever wondered what causes day and night?
Has it occurred to you? or you never care to know?
Well, let’s take a walk.
The sun is believed to be the center of our solar system, where the 9 planets and other smaller bodies revolve round it.
Our beautiful Earth…

What if there never existed?
Imagine a world without humans.

Imagine you ever existed in another form!!

How will fascinating will that be to you?

Will it change your perspective on how you view the Earth?
One of the most wonderful thing found on Earth is…

The tectonics
Our incredible plate splitting
Do you have an idea about pangea?
What is it like?
A fire ball or a splitting?
Oh!!! i just remembered, you ain’t a Geoscientists!
Nature has been so fascinating that whatever you choose to study becomes interesting when you put all effort.
Such are the ways…

Have you heard about the Artic?
What does it look like?.
Would you like to know about it?.
Here is a story about our Artic.
The Artic is that cool region of the Earth made of ice and other cold substance.
The Artic has serve a great purpose to humans right from the…

Have you heard about the sun?
What if we lose it?.
Will our planet be safe?
Here is a story about the sun!!!
The most largest, glowing, hot object in our solar system is that star called sun.
Having a surface temperature more than 5982°c and the center of our solar system where…

The big dream!!
This life, full of happiness and sorrows, raced by many but won by few. At some point we tend to flourish, at another we fail.
We’re born, then we seize to be. All of us born to different families, countries and even continents. Govern by laws, laws…

Prosper mpon

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