How the Internet Brings Women — Women Only — Together

DailyLife published an article today titled, “The top secret internet groups where men are forbidden”. In it, the author describes how recently, with new messaging and technologies rapidly improving in efficiency, women are able to form exclusively female group chats and bond and share together. This space is unlike any other space in their life; it has the combination of communication online, which can lower/eliminate inhibitions and nervousness, and of a group without any males. When else are women able to get together in huge amounts of people and discuss anything that they wouldn’t say, or would have trouble saying, in front of men? The author writes, “…regardless of each group’s exact size or platform, they share a common mission: to give women a refuge where they can talk about tampons or wage gaps or whatever else without raising male eyebrows or drawing harassment. ‘It’s exhausting being attacked for having any opinion or being cross-examined about a personal experience… It’s like a breath of fresh air to be able to talk about these things without worrying about or expecting (hostile) comments.’” I personally, am in many group chats for my potential future colleges, and have observed exactly what the article describes. Like the article notes, my co-ed group chats have been taken over by a couple “loud” male voices, and are much more chaotic than my all-female group chats. The female group chats allow for many more voices to speak, and are much more active, lively and span more topics than the co-ed ones. It is interesting to consider what the all-male chats must be like. I feel that they would either act much in the style of the co-ed chats - or would become more collected and representative of the whole group, delving into deeper topics than the co-ed voices tend to gear towards.

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