The Top 5 Predicted Spa Supplies Trends for 2017

It makes good business sense for beauty salon and spa owners stay on top of beauty and treatment trends,in order to keep their business place well stocked and ready to cater to their customers’ demands. Keeping in line with the latest beauty trends this year, here are some predications for which spa supplies will be in demand for the year 2017.

Extreme Nails

Bold, bright nails are making a comeback in 2017, so spa and salon owners would be wise to stock up on some of the best and brightest colours. Manicures and pedicures are the perfect gift for a woman of any age, so with the popularity of nail fashion on the rise, it is imperative for all salon owners to stock up on nail supplies.

Men Welcome

The spa and beauty industry tends to be run by a majority of women, and most marketing is aimed at women. However research has shown that men are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of beauty and spa therapy, and are spending more money than ever on treatments, such as body and facial massage, skin treatments and waxing. Salon owners should acknowledge these trends and purchase some corresponding spa supplies that will appeal to both men and women alike for the year ahead.

Spa Supplies Hot Tip Purchase: Large massage tables

De-Stressing Solutions

Modern life seems to be becoming more stressful and busy with each year, which is why many people are tending to indulge themselves in spa treatment more often than ever before. The most popular ‘de-stress’ treatments include full-body, facial, head and foot massages, as well as detoxification treatments, such as mud baths and steam cleanses. Keep this in mind when stocking up on spa supplies for 2017 and ensure that your spa or salon is well stocked with essential oils and massage oils.

Spray Tans

With the popularity of sun bed tanning dwindling, due to the proven side affects, more and more customers — both men and women alike — are opting for spray tans to give their bodies a warm glow throughout the year. A beauty technician using an airbrush applies spray tans. Once high quality equipment is purchased and a booth is set up, this is a financially beneficial investment in any beauty salon or spa, as the demand for good quality spray tans is ever growing and is set to be one of those most sought after treatments in 2017.

Must have item: A good quality airbrush

Facial Treatments

Every beauty salon and spa should offer a variety of facial treatments for their clientele. There are many different types of facial massages available now, from micro dermabrasion to anti-aging facials, as well as brightening and skin purifying facial treatments. In order to meet the rising demand for facial treatments, salon and spa owners should invest in good quality equipment, such as microdermabrasion technology, mineral masks and top of the range skincare products, using ingredients such as collagen and elastin.