It’s been an exciting 7 weeks of recruitment thus far and here we are on our final week. With 5 days left till application closes on 31 July, 23:59 (SGT) we thought to leave you with our top 5 reasons why you should join Protégé Ventures this year!

But first, who might we be looking for?

Know someone who is:

  • Entrepreneurial
  • Risk-taking
  • Passionate about Startups and/or Venture Capital
  • Keen on making real impact
  • Interested enough to read till here?

Well, then you might very well be who we’re looking for! Let us take that interest and jump right in!

Protégé Venture’s New Logo

In 2017, a group of working professionals came together to set up Southeast Asia’s first student venture fund. Despite the massive influx of capital into the startup ecosystem in Singapore, there was a dearth of systematic training programmes to equip students with venture capital knowledge and skills.

We set out to change that paradigm and Protégé Ventures was born.

Fast forward to 2019, we took over the reins from our founding partners and transitioned into a fully student run venture fund with 4 student partners: Tao Huang, Lionell Loh, Grace Fun and Justin Quek. This was a pivotal year as…

Turning down a prestigious job offer to help other fresh grads

Protégé Ventures (“PV”) is dedicated to investing in exceptional student founders who possess a set of differentiating qualities that set them apart from other young founders. While there isn’t a rigid checklist of qualities we apply in our assessment of founders, we do place a high value on vision, ambition and strong leadership abilities, all of which imbue us with confidence that these founders will be able to bring their startups to new heights.

In our PV Spotlight series, we feature entrepreneurs who we think clearly fit into any of our three theses — see here for information on PV’s…

Since Protégé Ventures’ inception in 2017 as Southeast Asia’s first student-run venture fund, our team has had the privilege of forming deeper connections within the local university startup ecosystem — with founders, angel investor networks, startup incubators and accelerators, and early-stage venture capital (“VC”) firms.

Over the past two years, we have reached out to over 250 passionate student founders (broadly defined as students or recent graduates) to learn more about the latest innovative ideas that they are working on, and have gleaned insights from the multiple stakeholders that support them. Through our interactions and analysis, we have formed a…

Protégé Ventures

Protégé Ventures is a Singapore-based student-run VC firm investing in startups founded by students or recent graduates at their pre-seed, seed or pre-A rounds.

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