People Are Inherently Good

You are good. You are great. You are everlasting.

When was the last time you looked at a person in their eyes, and saw only goodness, love, and gratitude for connection with this soul?

You have the opportunity in each moment to truly connect from a place of good, of love, and of power with all beings.

People are inherently good beings. Their source energy is good, their desires and intentions are good. Their lives are good.

Sometimes they lose their way. People give off not so good vibrations. They do not do this because they intend to be less than good. They simply have forgotten who they truly are.

Stay in touch with your goodness each day so that you remember who you are. When you see a friend of yours or a person come from a place of less than good, reach out with your goodness to remind them why they are here. Show them the truth that they have forgotten, and that they long to be in their lives.

You are an inherently good being.

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