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Please go to the following Binance Forum where question and answers related to the CAS SWAP can be discussed


Also subscribe to Cashaa’s Official Telegram channel


If questions are unanswered head over to support and file a ticket


Step 1

Go to and sign in to your account. It has been mentioned several times in the past that for receiving the bonus tokens for voting it is mandatory to have an account with Cashaa.

If prepared well you would also have transferred some ETH or BTC for eventual transaction fees. Cashaa gave a credit of 10.00 GBP for all to test the wallet. It enabled you to buy CAS but to keep it you had to wire 10.00 GBP from your current bank account into your GBP wallet.

Fill in your email address and password (never share with anyone, not even support)

Step 2

Fill in your 2FA code.

If you had prepared since the launch of the Cashaa wallet you would have enabled 2FA already. Otherwise you will have to go through the process of KYC to get access to your Cashaa wallet and set up the 2FA.

Keep all data, addresses, private keys etc. for yourself and never share it with anyone, not even support!

Scroll down at the bottom of this article if you see a pop-up saying ‘Due to security reasons we are upgrading your wallet.’

Fill in your 2FA code (never share with anyone, not even support)

Step 3

You are now in your account.

Next step is to select ‘CAS Swap’

Select CAS Swap

Step 4

You then see the CAS-ERC20 Deposit Address and below you will need to select which wallet you would like the SWAP to happen. In this example all is in the Cashaa wallet.

QR codes, addresses and amounts have been blanked out.
QR codes, addresses and amounts have been blanked out.

Step 5

Go to ‘Send’ and click ‘SWAP CAS’

Step 6

You will see a pop-up saying ‘You are about to send’. If you see a minus amount it is the locked amount. The locked amount is under control of Cashaa as is the spendable CAS. Also if you purchased CAS with the 10.00 GBP and have not wired 10.00 GBP then these tokens will also get deducted and stay with Cashaa.

Fill in your 2FA code and password to confirm the transaction (never share with anyone, not even support)

Step 7

Check on the right side in ‘Withdraw History’ if the transaction succeeded.

Step 8

Check your email for a confirmation link which is valid for 60 minutes only!

For MetaMask or MEW

Basically what you need is the CAS-ERC20 Deposit Address which you will need to send your tokens to from the wallet(s) you have voted from and any other address if you have not voted from.

The procedure is then to fill in the address in the interface of MEW or MetaMask and send it.

Step 1

Select your preferred ‘Receiving Wallet’

For other Wallets that support BEP2 tokens select ‘Others’. MetaMask or MEW is not a BEP2 Wallet.

If instead of ‘Others’ you’ve selected ‘Ledger Nano S’ as preferred Wallet you will see the screen below.

On the above screens there’s an empty field to fill in an address. This address is the BEP2 supported address on your BEP2 supported Wallet where you would like to receive the SWAP tokens.

The bonus tokens for voting will only be send to your Cashaa account. I f you still have not opened a Cashaa account then don’t procrastinate and do it now!

  • Attention!

The address must be a BnB Wallet Address and starts with bnb bnbxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. The new CAS token is a BEP2 Token instead of a CAS-ERC20 Token.

Again, MetaMask and MEW don’t support BEP2.

See below document for further instructions taken from ‘Please follow the instructions given in the links below’

Please follow the instructions given in the links on the right side

Step 2


  • In example sending from MetaMask.

Step 3

Copy the CAS-ERC20 Deposit Address as seen further above and paste it in your MetaMask. (or MEW or whichever wallet you may have)

Step 4

Re-confirm the transaction.

Step 5

Click the ‘Send’ tab in your Cashaa Wallet to see on the right side, in ‘Withdraw History’, if the transaction succeeded.

How to generate BEP2 address?


“Due to security reasons we are upgrading your wallet.”

If you see following screen then you probably have not yet upgraded your Cashaa account from ICO to the Cashaa Wallet. Use your email address which you used for ICO and activate your Cashaa Wallet.

You also will need to go through KYC again and depending on which country you’re resident of it won’t take that long as it’s also based on your previous KYC.

Please be patient and be reminded that you actually had almost 7 months to take the necessary steps. With the SWAP in progress the support team might be overloaded temporarily.

Another reason could be due to the upgrade of transaction speed on the Cashaa platform. If you encounter it just now then you most probably have not logged into you Cashaa account for a long time.

“We have upgraded the transaction speed of ETH and CAS in Cashaa wallet without compromising compliance and security. Approx. 354 accounts have been affected by this upgrade. If you have been asked to generate a key again, it’s normal and your funds are safe.”

So the ‘I-want-it-all-and-I-want-it-now’ type of people who aren’t subscribed to Cashaa’s official Telegram Channel could use the waiting time to reflect on themselves and think why they actually acquired the CAS token in the first place.

Step 1

Subscribe >

Step 2

Update your Cashaa account.

“Some error occurred while generating address. Try again.”

Some of us have no permission to create bnb or a CAS-BEP2 wallet. The Cashaa team has been informed and the issue will be addressed soon.

Be patient and wait for updates in the Official Telegram Channel.

If it is still not solved, get a ticket with the Cashaa Helpdesk.


Which CAS-BEP2 or BEP2 compatible Private Wallets are currently supported on Binance Chain?

Find below a list BEP2 Private Wallets besides Cashaa’s native wallet on the banking platform.

  • Atomic Wallet
  • CoolWallet
  • Coinomi Wallet
  • Ellipal Wallet
  • Enjin
  • Exodus
  • Guarda Wallet
  • Infinito Wallet
  • Ledger
  • Magnum Wallet
  • Math Wallet
  • Trust Wallet
  • ZelCore Wallet

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- Keep your CAS tokens safe and beware of phishing websites.
- Currently, there are NO airdrops or giveaways.
- If you see any tweets from an account impersonating Cashaa advertising an ETH giveaway or airdrop, please:

1. Ignore it and DO NOT send ETH
2. Report the tweet for spam
3. Block the account

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