15th January 2022, 15:00 UTC

"We’re proud to have partnered up with one of the most promising NFT projects on the Opera mainnet, thefantoms.art! In case you’ve missed it, check out our previous medium for all the juicy details!”

Below you’ll find all the details on how to participate in…

Hi everyone!

It’s been a while! We’re finally ready to share more about our upcoming launch on Fantom. This article will serve mainly to provide an update on where we’re at, what we’ve been working on, tokenomics changes, some surprises and information about the airdrop.

Over the past few…

The PROTOcol Takes A Leap Forward

Hello everyone

We’re excited to share with our investors the future of ProtoFi. This article is the introduction to our operations and sheds light on where we’re at as a team in preparing for the road ahead and we’re also announcing the chain ProtoFi will be moving to!

But first… we’d like…

We are very excited to bring you our first partnership powered pool: FISH! , Polycat’s native and government token.

Together with Quickswap and SushiSwap, Polycat is the most famous AMM on Polygon.

One of the main AMM Polycat features is the vesting of rewards.

Since FISH, their governance token, considered…

ProtoFi offers a host of effective and innovative features meant to safeguard and maximize our users’ investments by guaranteeing the most sustainable environment, which includes:

  • Dual Token System: Innovative mechanism that allows users to become shareholders and receive dividends.
  • Quantum Supply: an elastic supply system that adjusts PROTON and ELECTRON…

The ProtoFi Protocol

As DeFi users have seen time and time again, the great majority of all DeFi products suffer the same fate: The token value inexorably collapses, tends to 0, and the project meets its end.

Many different attempts have been made to avoid this pitfall and add lasting value to the…


The First Daily Dividend AMM on Fantom

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