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I don’t know who needs to hear this, but you should still be wearing a mask when you’re around anyone you don’t live with, regardless of age or relation, regardless of whether you’re indoors or outdoors. We are still in a global pandemic.

If you’re smart, try not to succumb to these 17 common rationalizations:

(1) Oh, but businesses are re-opening now… (This only increases the need to wear a mask since we’re being exposed to more people.)

(2) I’m starting to see so many people not wearing them… (This is called normalizing. Pointing to anyone who’s not wearing a mask as a reason for you to not wear a mask is like making excuses for your own immoral actions by pointing out that others are also acting immorally. …

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Call me impatient, but I think it should be just as easy to deploy your app online as it is to share this article.

The good news is, these days, that’s nearly true. However, while the official Vue deployment documentation is decent, it does assume prior knowledge in some areas. In this article, I’ll attempt to fill in those gaps and provide a clearer picture of how it all comes together.

Our goal will be to build a simple hello-world Vue app, deploy it to Github Pages (a great solution for showcasing prototypes and simple front-end apps that don’t require a server), and establish a simple deployment workflow so you can continue to iterate and go live with your changes over time. …

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