New Release: ProtoPixel Create 2.3.0

Depressed by the end of holidays? We have good news: ProtoPixel is back: New ProtoPixel Release 2.3.0 with many bug fixes and new features.

This release introduces some changes in the project file format, so please update all your machines and nodes to be able to save and load projects. Old projects will always be supported.

If you have ProtoPixel Create already installed, it will automatically ask you to update to the new version, or you can download it manually here.

New features:

Recording capability for Player and Autonomous SD controller: See the article on how to use ProtoPixel Player to see how this works; but short story short — You can now record the light output of ProtoPixel create and play it in an Autonomous SD controller or in a ProtoPixel Player. (No more using your computer or a ProtoPixel Node for simple projects anymore!)

Video volume can now be controlled!

Detecting connection errors due to mismatching subnets: One of the most needed features, quick check if a controller is in another subnet so it can’t be connected to.

Control alpha channel in all contents: You can now manipulate alpha of contents.

Audio analysis capabilities in scripts: Your scripts can now access to the spectral analysis of the audio input. See the example!

Visual representation of fixture connections when selecting an outlet. For easier visualization of how everything is connected.

Manual ArtNet devices: In the case of an Art-Net device that is not detected, it can be manually added.

Many new RGB orderings, and the possibility of defining custom ones.

Many more changes including:

  • Changed White calculations for RGBW.
  • The frame rate of ProtoPixel can be changed in the global settings.
  • Better recovery after controller disconnection.
  • Devices can’t be assigned to more than one controller.
  • Adding enable/disable contents script example.
  • Adding compatibility with OSC bundles.
  • The root of the Web App can be redirected to the content of choice ( in ProtoPixel Node ) or to a content named ( automatically, in ProtoPixel Create).


  • Crashes on project saving
  • Preserve Fixture order when changing outlet in multiple selection
  • Corrected final position of multiple selection duplication.
  • Syphon only visible with high values of opacity.
  • Better Art-net compatibility.
  • Problems loading assets with non-ascii file names.
  • Shader examples now compatible with shadertoy.
  • Scripts: setup() function was called more than once.

Download the new release here!

As usual, if you have any question/request please drop us a line at