New Release: ProtoPixel Create/Node 2.5.0

We are happy to announce a very special release for ProtoPixel Create & Node: 2.5.0, with some new features, bug fixes and the stellar appearance of the Manager App (beta).

If you have ProtoPixel Create already installed, it will automatically ask you to update to the new version, or you can download it manually here.

Manager App

The most important feature in this release is the new Manager App (beta) available only in Node. New Nodes will ship with Manager App enabled, while existing Nodes will receive the update option very soon.

With this App you will be able to control your ProtoPixel Node installation in an easy and intuitive way. You will be able to:

  • Group your fixtures and contents in Zones.
  • Change color and intensity of fixtures.
  • Assign, activate and deactivate contents.
  • Create lighting presets to save and recover your configurations.
  • And many more… (see the docs here)
The Manager App

Other features

Contents can be offset horizontally and vertically:

Fixtures got many new controls. You can now turn ON/OFF a fixture, change its intensity level, and configure how color is used in the fixture: how white component is calculated and even force monochromatic output!

Original output
Monochromatic output

New DMX-related fixtures:

  • Controllers can have up to 256 outlets (universes)
  • Custom channels can be defined to control non-color aspects of DMX fixtures

And many more little bug fixes and improvements. Please see the documentation.

Download the new release here!

As usual, if you have any question/request please drop us a line at