5 Steps To Find A Good Developer For Your Startup Development

Alexey Morozov
Nov 9 · 3 min read

Finding talented specialists for the startup can be a quite hard process. In today’s tech-driven reality, hiring the right people is a considerable challenge.

In a world that more and more depends on code, developers rule. However, the real competition between companies makes it difficult to attract really skilled and experienced software experts.

To help you build the dream team for your project, I prepared some useful rules on how you can choose the best professionals.

Right places for the talents

Hiring developers for a startup is challenging since most of them are already worked, and most likely, they are not interested in a new job.

So, what you should do to find the talents and recruit them? Be where they are.

1. Special events: Conferences, hackathons, and tech events are places you can connect directly with the tech talent.

2. Online developer communities: Online sources like Github or Stack Overflow are another great way to connect with tech talent. Software specialists upload samples of their work and the code they have written on these platforms.

Solution for the problem

Another best way to understand whether the person would be a good worker is to provide him a problem to solve.

The specialist’s approach to the problem can show how he will find the right solution. Also, it helps the person to get an idea about the other issues and technologies he can work on.

CV and its importance

Sometimes the data that included on a developer’s CV is not right. Almost 85% of persons try to make themselves more attractive to businesses, and that’s why you need to look at one paper to make your final decision.

Moreover, in most cases, some CVs contain only the list of significant developer knowledge. For example, the most prominent projects, the university and degree, and programming language skills. None of these show how real experience and work skills.

Company culture

When you choose a developer for a project, try to find not only people with a technical background but also, who will follow your vision of the startup direction.

Apart from the technical questions that show the professional experience, non-technical questions are also an excellent way to be sure that the developer would be a good fit in the long run.

Be patient and make your final decision

Choosing the wrong person can be disastrous, which means the more time you invest, the better the class of candidates you’re likely to discover. During the hiring process, take a look at the initial information you got (CV, skills, and experience). Remember, your overall success will come from building the right team to help your startup grow, and this includes developers.

What You Don’t need to do

In most cases, the new startups have a minimal budget, and they can’t compete with other tech giants. In this way, they are hiring freelance workers to create the necessary project details.

However, the freelance is like a gamble. If you are a lucky person, it can pay off, but if you don’t, the associated downsides are disastrous.

Freelancers don’t have the necessary accountability, and what’s more important, they fail to integrate into the company culture, which is an essential requirement at the outset.

Of course, you can hire very experienced specialists, but you also need to be very careful.

So, to find a reliable and skilled team can be a quite challenging way. Each candidate has their specific skills and experience. However, not everyone can prove it. I hope this list of advice can help you to choose the best specialists and be sure that your startup will reach the desired success.

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