How To Improve The Recognition Of Your Brand?

Alexey Morozov
Nov 2 · 6 min read

In most cases, design plays an important role, but having a great website design is not enough for success. Your site needs to show the individuality of your brand, and such elements like colors, text, images, site structure are aimed at emphasizing the uniqueness of your company.

A brand style is a combination of the desired items and ideas which users associate with a particular company. And the primary goal of design is to convey these characteristics to the target audience. Moreover, you have to understand that your site is the most crucial part of online branding, and it has to fully present the essence of the brand. So, this article sheds light on the ways of website creation that includes the identity features of the company and how to “sell” the brand on the market.

Optimized content

In addition to the attractive design, a great website should have rich content and a particular style. Try to represent it in the form of emphatic illustrations, convincing information, exciting videos, and other materials that can catch the user’s attention.

Your task is to show the target audience what benefits your company provides and what exactly your brand can help them to achieve the goals. Win the users’ respect and offer a piece of beneficial information to make them return to your website. Regularly add the latest news, articles, photos, videos which can interest your visitors and help them to find a permanent solution.

The quality of content also affects a ranking of the resource within the search results. The more time users spend on your site, and the more often they add it to the favorites, the higher its position within the search results will be.

It’s clear that content is an integral part of each website, so always strive to make it meaningful, educational, and impressive.

Another outstanding, distinctive feature of any brand is a logo.

Logo Design

Adidas, Nike, Pepsi, McDonald’s… When we hear these names, we start to think about specific pictures, the company logos.

Each logo follows four objectives:

- tells who you are;

- informs what your expertise is;

- explains how you perform work;

- points out your target audience.

Moreover, the excellent logo is a foundation of the entire brand strategy. It should serve as a visual analog of your company name, so place it in the most prominent position and make sure that it is displayed on each page. So, let’s consider the process of logo creation from scratch.

Step 1: Search for the idea

Look at the logos of different companies or visit online galleries, which allow finding inspiration from other designers. Ask yourself what do you like and what is unsuitable. The main rule is not to copy! Find something you adore and try to implement this style in your development.

Step 2: Think about your target audience

At the initial stage of logo creation, try to define who your customers are, what they like, which qualities of your company they appreciate. It will allow you to call the needed feelings and emotions and, thus, create a positive brand of the company.

Step 3: Follow the rules of the logo creation

Any development has its own rules. Study thoroughly the main principles, which will help you to make an effective logo.

The logo should be simple: a simplicity makes it universal and allows customers to easily recognize it among other brands.

The logo needs to be memorable: people remember the original logo with unique features.

The logo must be long-term: the excellent logo has to pass the test of time and not losing its effectiveness under the influence of fashion or any other transient phenomena.

The logo should be universal: a qualitative logo perfectly looks in any environment and any form.

Step 4. Draw a few sketches of the logo

The sketch is a quick and easy way to place the idea on paper. Take the paper and pencil, and draw several examples of the logo. In case, if you don’t possess the pencil drawing technique, use graphics programs such as Illustrator, Photoshop or online logo constructors.

Step 5. Choose the logo shape

The shape of the logo has a particular effect on people. For example, different forms can cause the necessary feelings and emotions.

- a square — stability and permanence,

- a triangle — strength, and knowledge,

- a circle — community, unity, friendship,

- a ring — durability, and resolution,

- a curve — flexibility and adaptability.

Step 6. Choose the color of the logo

At this stage, try to choose the color which describes your company. If your company is creative, consider using the yellow or orange, while a serious and reliable company can choose the grey. For the complete understanding of the color influence, study the psychology of color.

Step 7. Select the logo font

The right font can emphasize the dignity of your company, while the wrong font makes the logo unreadable.

Here are some simple tricks:

  • Avoid popular fonts;
  • Choose the original fonts that will highlight your logo;
  • All your font and logo should stand the test of time (be careful with modern trends);
  • Use a readable font;
  • Check out how the font will be displayed in different sizes;
  • Give a little space, take into account the character of spacing.

Step 8. Create the final design

Once you’ve made several sketches of the logo, move to its creation. There are three possible ways here:

1) Create a unique logo using UX design services.

2) Make your logo using a graphics program.

3) Сreate the emblem through the exclusive online tools.

So, it’s high time for describing another significant design aspect that improves the recognition of your brand.

Applications and Graphics

There are plenty of apps and graphical elements that can be added to your website to make it more convenient in use. The fundamental rule is to remember that quality is much more important than the quantity.

Choose the app which will interest your target audience and match the style of your brand. For example, a sports company can add the comments field, while it is not advisable to the law firm. A comedy club can place the event calendar on the site, but whether the medical clinic requires it, too? The app selection depends on the style of your company and the sphere in which it belongs to.

Naturally, each company strives to be unique, exclusive, and memorable, relying on the recognizable brand. It is become possible by creating a website where all its peculiarities are presented in the brightest colors. The current UX design services offer a diversity of the original ideas and approaches. Such design techniques and elements as optimized content, exciting logo, useful applications and graphics, well-chosen colors and fonts, and call to action increase your chances of remaining in the customers` memory for a long time.

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