The Role Of The Development Team In Your Project

Alexey Morozov
Nov 15, 2019 · 3 min read

Any successful and well-known projects are the result of strict planning and the excellent skills of the team members. However, it’s not always clear who those workers are or what roles they play. So, this article provides some useful points on why each specialist is essential for your project.

Team roles and responsibilities

Long before the developer starts coding, you can see the first stage of project development. That is why the article describes top specialists who can ensure the project will be successfully implemented.

Project Manager

The project manager is one of the crucial persons in the project and is responsible for its successful completion. He/she need to be sure that the project proceeds within the required time frame and under the established budget. Also, project managers have to ensure projects with the necessary resources while managing relationships with contributors and stakeholders.

Sales manager

Most people make a big mistake in underestimating a sales manager’s role. Such a specialist is precious and essential for each team. The sales manager is a person who is responsible for the connection with your future team. He acts on behalf of the whole company and ensures as much of the info as possible.

Business Analyst

The business analyst determines people’s needs and provides solutions to make your organization better. Such specialists ensure that the project’s goals solve existing issues, enhance performance, and add value to the company.

Account manager

The account manager is responsible for project estimation. When your business analyst collected all the requirements and data, the account manager can get down to calculations to provide a client with an estimation list.

Now we can move to another step, the technical side of your product and its team members.

Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

CTO is like a conductor between business and technology. He/she decides and chooses what tech stack you can implement in your business goals. Also, CTO makes sure that the product’s structure is scalable, and you can build it easily.


Designers are responsible for wireframes and mockups. They develop UX and UI design for the product. Furthermore, they not only create a convenient user interface but also do their best to make the app or website looks attractive.


There are frontend and backend developers. These people turn your idea into reality.

How many developers do you need for a project? It depends on your idea, project complexity, and so on. Sometimes you can hire three specialists who bring a perfect result, and sometimes you need many more people.

Quality assurance engineers

These persons will always lend a hand when you need to fill the gaps made by programmers. QA specialists try to make your product perfect. They carefully check the product code and interface to find the bugs and eliminate the different imperfections. In other words, they are responsible for the end product.

Great Team = Great Results

As you can see, creating a successful project team requires specific efforts from you, and most likely, you will need to spend time communicating with them and explaining your project details or goals. However, a well-built project team can achieve desired results and beat most issues that come along.

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