The first step towards {self-awareness, blogging, better life}

Hello ! random people on the Internet,

Have loads of things to write about but not really sure what to start with. for starters, you can refer to me as Proto-Socratic or PS in short. Why Proto-Socratic ? Thats a story for another day.

I’m a programmer by passion and luckily by profession as well. I have a beautiful human & pet family. I earn well enough to afford all the things I ‘need’ and a few things I ‘want’. Technically speaking, here is where I need to describe my self as happy and content with life but unfortunately, like most twenty year old’s these days, I’m pretty clueless about my life and not really happy.

Like any other clueless unhappy adult, I randomly browse reddit and offer advice to other random people on the Interwebs. During this elaborate ritual I came across /r/Journaling. Going through few threads I’ve learnt that most people had several self-awareness “Aha!” moments in the process of journaling their daily lives. Being a pretty inquisitive guy my self I thought, ‘why not try journaling ?’

This medium account is the answer to that ‘why not’. I want to validate whether pouring out thoughts as text would really help attain some amount of mental clarity and peace. I’ve never blogged/journaled/vlogged before so pardon me if my posts are not up to what is expected of an average medium write-up. Come to think of it, this post is the lengthiest text I’ve written in almost a decade !

Here’s how I’m planning to journal: for the next few days/weeks/months or whatever time it takes to bore me out of this I will be writing, as frequently as possible, about my thoughts; of course excluding any PII. Couple of things/disclaimers you, as a reader, need to know before I sign off for the day

  • I’ve been a programmer for almost a decade. So, expect generous sprinkling of semi-colon’s (;) through out the text, references to xkcd/reddit/4chan and several other constructs that are expected out of a geek’s talk.
  • English is not my native language. Grammar nazi’s — expect few grammatical mistakes. I’m trying to learn.
  • new to Medium; still figuring out formatting, escape sequences & others. Few posts might look shitty