August 31, 2016 😑 Intervention

Today the dam broke. I have not ever had such a painfully progressive day in memory. Why not? I am under hypnosis to avoid athsma attacks and panic attacks from anxiety. I have always been this way. To me it is normal. Until I pray. This is where I cross the line. I am not one of “you” or “them” those who question. I KNOW I AM A CHILD OF GOD. I do not suffer miserably under pressure. I do not stress or worry when life gives me the worst. I do not hold on to anger projected by others. I have done my Intervention. I have served my purpose. Now it is time for a revival.

ENOUGH of this condoning lives mater. No WE MATTER. None of this people’s Holy Wars. No. We wrestle against principalities and spiritual wickedness in high places. None of this I am so down I am never getting up. THAT IS YOUR TESTIMONY!

Never in the history of the Saints have the people been so weak. No elders? No prayer warriors? No choose? Yet you wonder what it is that is the source of all this pain and worry our generation suffers. Do you think we are alone in our hurting? Do you think we are alone in our pain? Do you think we are the only ones able to manifest something out of nothing and have it go wrong? Planet or plan it how could we be so impossibly selfish then in this worst case scenario which -clearly it is when the source of our hurt is going neglected. So let us be honest it is our right and responsibility to grow so we do not stagnate. There are so many wonderful possibilities. Despite our mis-takes there is always hope.

When the full impact of having a stolen childhood hits it’s immeasurably difficult. There are so many adult problems already in play. There are so many things that are just not there when you need them and yet so many wonderful experiences we may only slightly appreciate when they are meant to be special moments.

Everyone is always asking me about my husband. Do you know how hard it is to have people admire you only to say who is your husband? It takes a nano second to go from “Woman” to “wife”. Lord hear my prayer: I long for the days when “Domestic Goddess” was a slightly inappropriate way to compliment. I believe we are so capable of so much more than co-dependence, yet by our very nature throughout history we are. Yet our symbiosis is so neglected that I fear we are in the age of a political mental health crisis. We are simply overlooking the fact that our candidates are reflections of the wishes of their constituents. It is we ourselves who must take responsibility for organizing our parties. The purpose of government is to celebrate the cultural evolution of its people and ensure sustainability for future generations.

Do you want to know the SECRECT of a LIFETIME of studying the genetic evolution and technological advancement of Canonical People’s? Accountability. To everything there is a season, now is the season to pick our selves up from our boot straps. Accept where we are and if we want change to accept responsibility in preparation for harvest of blessings to come, because truth be told even those will be enjoyed in the coldness of winter.

When you study algorithms they are so similar to binary code that they do in fact become brainwaves enclosing you in a shield of electromagneicity. Our very own force field. A structure that truly shows the symbiosis of ourselves the planet and the globe around us. Just as the land and sea provide for us we must master matriculation of our very selves if we wish to accomplish world peace. That is all. (DONT JUDGE ME 😐😑😂😉☺)

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