But in 2016, there are too many apps that don’t end up serving the functions or the people they were intended to.
An Open Letter to the Code for America Brigades
Nicole Neditch

Having this data it seems what’s needed most is to figure out what that next step is once the rush of apps has been achieved. I’m not saying it should have been thought of before, but that now that we’re here it’s not necessarily a bad thing that we have this preponderance of apps. This is exactly the kind of trove of data that can tell us: Why did these apps fail? Who did they try reach? Did them reach them? Why or why not? It’s a very necessary, as you said, step to make all these apps and the next natural step is to analyze that data.

The problem from where I stand is that since the Next Step after the App Rush wasn’t established, no one thought before hand what kind of data points to collect along the way. That doesn’t mean there aren’t data points, but that the opportunity to truly optimize the lessons learned from the rush long past. Still, there’s some valuable information to be gained from figuring those questions out.

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