And you were violated?
Your boyfriends frat house.
Patrick Miller

Pardon me if I say you sound like a rapey asshole. I don’t wish to be corrected or educated, both on what you don’t understand about:

  • She asked to be walked to a bus stop.
  • He did not take her to a bus stop.
  • She asked where the bus stop was.
  • He ignored her and took her to dark hill, while she asked his help TO GET HOME.
  • He then raped her.
  • He then took her back to his room like nothing wrong happened.

You then implied, through very careful wording, that she had no right to expect to NOT be assaulted because: she was at a frat party, she was drinking, she did not say the words “i do not want to be raped”, and that this guy was nice enough to let her sleep over.

You’re cruel and inhumane. Please stop posting comments here until you get help.

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