But sometimes, being The Only can lead to learning a lot about others, and providing an experience for others to learn more about you. And that can be really enlightening and empowering.
Episode 4 — Terri Burns

You’re being very gracious I think :)

It’s true, I learn some things about me and a lot about Other Groups. Even well intention-ed colleagues just don’t put in the effort I have to put in to simply be there everyday. And it’s annoying to a critical fault and makes the environment tedious and even boring. So damn par for the course to the point of absurdity. My life would have been ended many moons ago if I were to walk this world as they do.

I’ve worked in male dominated environments, even the most extreme (military). And working in tech is my worst experience by such a long shot. There’s just no comparison.

I love this series. Makes me feel like I should share my experiences more, because these definitely make a difference for me.

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