In 2020, financial services companies watched the pandemic’s large-scale economic disruption rattle the financial stability of their customer base. Now, as businesses set their sights on financial recovery in 2021, the financial health of their customers will be a leading catalyst of this turnaround.

Financial health has been a priority of financial institutions for quite some time. In a recent Forbes article by Ron Shevlin, he noted “financial health is going to take center stage in 2021,” and further cites banks and credit unions will up their virtue signaling, with more robust financial health scores emerging and increased regulation of…

The value of market research is directly tied to the quality of its data. Great data leads to better business decisions and, ultimately, business outcomes. By contrast, poor market research data is like building a house on a bad foundation. Eventually, the cracks will show — and the costs will be significant.

Translation can prep your market research surveys to be delivered to a target audience, but the key to relevant survey questions — and reliable, useful data — depends on a streamlined approach to market research localization.

When localizing, specialists review the questions and content of your surveys to…

When your business is focused on finding the best language services on the market, security might seem like a secondary concern. In reality, the close working relationship between your business and your language service provider (LSP) creates an environment where security should be one of your top concerns when comparing providers across the language industry.

LSPs with poor security fronts open the door to data breaches and other cyber threats, putting your business at risk despite your cybersecurity efforts. …

When it comes to building surveys and translating them into multiple languages, link checking is a crucial step in the quality assurance process. Link checking involves a human linguist reviewing translated content in the context of the survey platform, checking for accuracy and consistency, especially when content is being manipulated behind the scenes.

Curious how link checking supports survey translations, and where it fits into standard translation workflows? Here’s an overview of this process, and how it supports the QA process.

Validating Piped Content for Quality Assurance

Piped content involves the assertion of content into various parts of a survey…

With remote work rapidly changing how companies, employees, and clients interact, cybersecurity has quickly become a top concern. Many are seeking to mitigate the risks inherent in working outside of IT-controlled environments. When it comes to keeping your sensitive data safe, here’s what some providers might not be telling you: there is no silver bullet solution to protecting your business from cybersecurity threats.

Instead, the security of your business data and assets depends on a comprehensive commitment to security across your business. This includes employees, workflows, business processes, and the technology used to manage data and secure your business assets

Globalized operations can deliver a number of benefits to manufacturing companies, ranging from labor costs to materials and shipping expenses. To maximize these benefits, your business needs the right tools and protocols in place to keep those operations in line with company policies and industry regulations.

Employee training often goes hand-in-hand with expanding workforces across international borders. Translated or localized eLearning modules provide a cost-effective strategy to deliver the learning and development needed for international employees to excel. To position international training for success, consider prioritizing the following four focus areas in your global training programs.

1. Comprehensive translation and…

Whether you’re looking for a new language service provider (LSP) or you’re re-examining your current LSP relationship, enterprise security should be a top priority. However, truly demonstrating ongoing compliance against industry-standard security practices comes by way of audits obtained through independent, unbiased third parties, rather than whatever claims an LSP makes in their marketing materials.

With an in-depth evaluation from an objective, reputable third-party auditor in-hand, you’ll be able to clearly evaluate risks and choose a security-first LSP with confidence. …

Far too often businesses stick with a disappointing language service provider (LSP) because they assume breaking ties will only create more trouble. In some cases, bad experiences with multiple LSPs lead some to assume they can’t get better service through a different translation service provider.

In other cases, businesses are concerned that the equity they’ve built up with their current LSP — in the form of translation memory and a translation glossary — will be lost if they leave that vendor relationship. This is a common misconception. In practice, your business owns the translation memory and translation glossary. …

For most businesses looking to expand existing marketing campaigns to new foreign markets, translation and localization are often the go-to language services. While translation and localization are often sufficient to address many language service needs, some multilingual marketing projects require a more intensive approach.

Transcreation is more resource-intensive than direct translation of your marketing content, which can deter brand leaders from making this investment. However, this process is sometimes necessary to overcome certain language barriers, to account for local ad restrictions, and to ensure your messaging resonates with your target audience.

Here are three common scenarios where transcreation might make…


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