The Ultimate Guide To Mobile App Support and Updates

screen showing app updates

First! Why does your app need support and maintenance?

After the app development process is complete, the app is tested on multiple devices by different test users to check the functionality, UI/UX, and overall performance of the app. But still, this testing is limited and real issues are generated when hundred of users start using the app.

What are updates?

So the next question! what are updates? Updates are any minor or major changes in a mobile app that are used to enhance its performance. An update can include fixing a bug, adding a new feature, or, changing the framework of the app. Any modification that is done to the app after its first version is available life, can be counted as an update. Makes sense?

Why updates are important

Updates are important due to multiple reasons which include:

How often should the apps be updated?

As you now realize the importance of releasing updates, the next important question is to figure out how often you should update your app, and what could be the cost for it.

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