AntiAm Strikes Charlottesville and Durham

You have read all about Charlottesville, no need for more here. But now we see another deliberate lawless action taken in Durham, North Carolina. A statue of a confederate soldier was criminally pulled down and destroyed by hate-filled vandals.

This fallen soldier was lynched in Durham on August 14, 2017.

This statue was not one of a racist, it was a war memorial with words below it that said, “In Memory of the Boys Who Wore The Gray.” This is not racist, this is not southern or even political. It is a memorial to the fallen who fought because they did. It is a monument to our suffering, our conflicts, our history and our humanity. This is such a massive insult to so much of America that it is nearly unfathomable. Those who did this in Durham are either insane, unhinged or sociopathic — so much so that maybe it doesn’t make any difference. They are not us or of us. They are anti-American. Full stop.

AntiAm = anti-American. It is the amalgamation of all those that oppose the founding, history and existence of the United States of America and the struggle for human freedom it embodies. AntiAm is on the move.