Remember, if we shut the door on the right to oppress each other, through capital, we may discover…

Collective liberties are not liberties at all. All that you listed are individual liberties where many individuals may, or may not, exercise them at the same time. Only individuals have liberty, groups are only mobs which cannot have liberty. There is no definition and who is responsible or has authority? See the problem? You have a cute-sounding notion but it is in the clouds and can never work in practice — in addition to having other offensive, dehumanizing traits. An example: civil rights. That term/concept is total fraud designed to warp minds and confuse people (brought to us by the low-IQ country club Republicans in the 1950s, I might add). It was extremely effective. Conflating individual rights with artificial bullshit group rights was a marvelous way to accomplish several totalitarian goals at once, e.g., enables a major distraction for the mob, makes part of the mob angry — pitting it against others (classic divide and conquer), enables chipping away and diluting genuine individual rights, etc.

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