Donald Trump: A Lifelong Ponzi Scheme
James M. Ridgway, Jr.

Donald J. Trump was born to be the President and many are very glad he kept another corrupt, scandal-ridden Clinton out of the White House.

Just by doing this, he has already Made America Great Again. He could twiddle his thumbs and play golf for 4 years and the Trump Effect had already won. Winning!

A bonus: Trump has fired a shape-charge round into the side of the uni-party, establishment political/power business model which has held the keys of the kingdom for decades. They’re still smarting from that set-back and would love to get rid of him to take their power back. Molon Labe!

An additional bonus: Much to my delight, he hasn’t been a bad president at all. Trump — a man of action — is active on all fronts, firing on all cylinders, a massive upgrade from Obama — a man of words written for him and read off a teleprompter. Optimism is beginning to wash over the land because Trump has brought real hope that there will be real change. I guess the rest of you will have to confront reality to begin to address your Trump Derangement Syndrome. MAGA!