Swipe Fatigue: How online dating is failing us
Jasmine Sachar

I enjoyed reading this well-written article but also found it very disturbing. Not you per se (though misspelling ‘woman’ is cringe worthy) — there is a deeper problem here than a mere dating app or two that people use to meet a little less randomly. This is too big of a topic to address here, though. Plus, I am not sure it matters; we live in the time we live so here we are using these newfangled methods to meet people for greater intimacy.

Might I be so bold as to ask/suggest something: what are all the things you are seeking here and what are the stages? It is fine — and probably wise — to have a clear, itemized list of things you want from a man (and an accompanying list of what you can bring to a man) but maybe it can be staged. Perhaps online dating can still be used but with limited initial expectations.

Some realistic milestones for online dating might be: (1) get experience dating, (2) enjoy meeting new people, and (3) accept what happens along the way. It seems to me that if you know what you want longer term but have limited, short term milestones, you could be able to stay positive and enjoy the process. It also appears that if you have the spec sheet (see above) in your mind for the long term when you show up for a first date, then disappointment will be the most probable outcome statistically. If it feels like a drag, this is a red flag (rap or a line in a country music song? :-). Tack on going to enjoyable places/activities where you can meet guys the old-fashioned way and you could have a fun, winning formula.

Best of luck to you!