Special Counsel Robert Mueller Is Closing In On The White House
Ahmed Baba

In short, Mueller has got no Russia-Election-Trump-Collusion crimes defined at all. Sure, he is ginning up process/accident crimes that he is fabricating from his vivid legal imagination. And he has unlawfully expanded his investigation way beyond his mandate into financial issues that go 10+ years back. Plus, Mueller has fully displayed his jackbooted thuggery and utter contempt for the rule of law for all to see. A no-knock search on Manafort in order to seize records for potential white collar crimes? No, sir, that was designed to initiate a shoot out and a dead — or at least a highly intimidated — Manafort. And, true to form, the selective leaking from his office damages those who he wants to “flip” over to lying for him to impeach President Trump. Mueller is completely out of control — a 100% rogue prosecutor who won’t stop until he brings down a lawfully elected President or is stopped himself.

Mueller is NOT systematically investigating: (1) the true extent of Russian crimes pertaining to our election, and then the follow-on (2) any involvement by the Trump campaign with the (thus far non-existent) Russian election crimes. Justice will be done when Trump fires Mueller and sends his gang of associated thugs packing. The American people know that these are the ones who belong in the gulag for this assault on our democracy.