The question is will you boys finally man up?
It’s Time to Man Up
Carly Fiorina

Memo to Carly Fiorina: This was a reasonable and thoughtful article that I was taking seriously until this final sentence. Geez…calling us boys…really? I write things to get them off my chest, too, but I never confuse that with trying to influence or persuade someone else.

Here is an idea that dovetails with your pro-meritocracy bias and your political influence: publicly advocate that all references to women (or gender or sex) be removed from all federal civil rights laws and regulations. It was a poison pill to derail and dilute the main purpose which was to give black African-Americans a leg up and to end or reduce racial discrimination. They added women into civil rights in order to confuse that key issue. It worked.

We are well past time to announce that we do not need politicians and lawyers to tell us not to discriminate against or abuse women in any manner. Yes, we all need to fight against any anti-individual, repulsive behavior. Having sex discrimination included in the Civil Rights Act of 1964 is anachronistic, unnecessary and patronizing to women.

How about it?